Dangala, could I please have some advice on something??

  • Hi again Dangala,

    I have been thinking over & over about your last readings about my employment prospects, and I have no idea where to start or what I want to do. Could you please give me some more of your wonderful helpful insight.

    Is this something I should be focused on now? You said you saw me in something that I would enjoy and that I would be happy in my job. Could you please give me direction as to where or what I could possibly be in, or doing?

    Or should I be more focused on finding meditation classes first and the job aspect part of life will come later?

    I need to improve my finances dramatically and am stuck as what to do.

    And I am snot sure what to do with my ex.

    He is currently in prison he gets out in March 2011 and I don't think he has any other option but to live with me (his family are in a different state) once he gets out and sorts out what he wants to do or where he's going to live, but I feel that this may not be a good idea. I worry it may be tense and uncomfortable and I don't think think it will be good for us or the children especially. Or am I too far ahead right now?

    Thank you again Dangala

    I appreciate your time & help once again 🙂

    Thank u!

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