Severe Brain Damage healing prayer

  • Scorpwolf, Thank you!

    Please let MissTonya know we are still keeping her in thought and prayer and think of her often.


  • Hello Everyone! Since it's been awhile that anyone has come to this topic. I would like for each who read the title to please say a prayer for Miss Tonya and David.

    They are both doing ok....though a boost of positive energy is needed.

    Thank you all with love


  • sending positive thoughts to both... ❤

  • Thank you MoonLisa!

    More positive energy needed, please help!

    Love to Misstonya and David


  • MissTonya and David, The smile of a son through the greatest of hardships is a gift from our heavenly father, the Great Spirit, the father of all. You both are in our prayers and thoughts, and you have not been forgotten. Please receive our love and prayers. May your angels bring you comfort, may they continue to impart strength from our father and bring you the knowledge that you are more loved than you know.

    Hello ((((Scorpwolf)))))))), (((((((Flow)))))))), and Moonalisa

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