Severe Brain Damage healing prayer

  • Patchlove,

    Thank you for your suggestion. Libra isn't my husband but a very very dear close friend of mine that I love dearly.

    To my regret and many with me he passed on to the other realm this afternoon.

    Miss Tonya, ScorpWolf ...I hope both of you are fine.

  • Hello Flowsco, Misstonya, patchlove....

    I am fine, thank you!

    Misstonya, May the Creator grant you strenght!

    Flowsco, Good Journey to your friend's husband ...

    patchlove - Thank you for your thoughts of well being.

    To all, I've been away ...but I will see you all soon!


  • Good to hear from you for misstonya!



  • We are still here misstonya....still care very much for you and David. May this find you well...and able to come soon, if just to let us know you are all right.

    Love and Blessings


  • Hi,

    Hi. Wanted to share something with you Misstonya.

    I have a picture of three cypress trees at the edge of small pond that I had taken as a background screen on my computer.

    Often I see faces in things.

    One tree seemed to change one day...and as I looked closer I could see what seems to be a young black man with hands together surrounded by a glow..and almost the appearance of angel wings.

    I wondered if it was related to David...maybe a message that angels were watching over him.

    Love to you and David,


  • Hello Misstonya - Checking in the forum to wish you great energy for yourself and for David.

    Hello Flowsco and patchlove, wishing you a wonderful day!!!

    Love to you and David


  • Hi ScorpWolf,

    Good to see you!

    Hope to see you soon too misstonya!


  • Misstonya,

    I hope I have not offended you in any way. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I still believe your son is with us, but not sure whether in spirit or in the physical world. I feel I still have the message...though I may be insane. Not sure which it is at this point.

    His beautiful soul is precious

    I hope you are all right.



  • Hello everyone,

    I hope you all are well and that life has been kind.

    Do take care of yourselves.



  • Love and life's Blessing

    Thank you for your gift

  • Hello Misstonya - Just stopping by to wish you a good day!

    Love to you and David


  • Happy Thanksgiving Miss Tonya

    The true thanksgiving...of love and sharing the day with those we love is what I celebrate today....not a distant memory of mans inhumanity to man....

    It is time to change the world and the way we viewed it through the eyes of the past.

    To bring light and love to all who share this universe ought to be the goal of today.

    Yesterdays shame is buried in history and the day dawning is a new one.

  • Happy Day to you you Flow and you Scorpwolf

    keeper of the flames and the fire

  • MissTonya, Thoughts of you are close and am hoping that you check back soon and let us know how you are and how David is doing. Know that we think of you often.

    Love to you both,


  • Hello Everyone!

    Just an update on behalf of MissTonya - David is healing slowly, he had a miraculous outcome yesterday...he moved his neck from left to right to the sound of music and smiled. The first time in 6 years....since he has undergone a brain injury, this is amazing! let's continue praying for restored and complete healing and help him continue his journey back to himself physically.

    Love to you and David


  • This is incredible how wonderful!

  • ScorpWolf, thanks so much for the update. Good news indeed!!!!

  • You're welcome.


  • YES!

    Never doubted. Up and onwards. Greetings to them all and yourself ofcourse.

    Big hug,


  • BIG HUGZ!!!

    Love to you all


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