Severe Brain Damage healing prayer

  • Spirit tells me that David really responds to (familiar) voices. His sense of hearing is not diminished even though his brain is slower to 'translate'. Talking, playing music, and reading to him is very good for him. It makes him happy.

  • Thank you Captain for that advice I will continue to do so and advise his nurses to as well...He loves music and when you speak to him, his eyes connect to you , but Im not sure if he knows what or who he sees....but I appreciate your insight....

    Thank you again


  • He does recognise familiar voices and it does soothe him and makes him feel more at peace, even though he may not be able to put a name or a relationship to a face.

  • Miss Tonya, I am so happy that he had extra visitors for his birthday. It may be a little late but please tell him your internet praying friends said Happy Birthday!!! I bet he was so excited to see everyone. It has to be extremely comforting being surrounded by family.

  • Hi Captian,

    Yeah I can see that David know presense and Im his mom, but sometimes I dont know if he recognizes me or not...but he knows someone is there from the voice....I miss my boy so much. I visit him every week. ..I saw him today( 12/8) and he was very open- eyed and alert and he was in bed....usually when I visit him and he's in bed ...he look sleepy....but the amazing thing is that he looks like himself but just dont have personality, and it really bothers me that he cant speak on his thoughts....

    Hi ConfusedScorp,

    Thank you for your concerns...and I will tell David as always....he has alot of people who loves & care for him and he dont even know who they are...but they have good , geniune godly hearts...

    Thank you both for your helpful advise and concerns...I need your support greatly and Im very appreciative.


  • Misstonya

    I just had My husband to have a stroke.

    May I share what I see.

    Love in away our own minds do not understand.

    I have been brought in a place to see more.

    As day to day life does not show this level.

    We in human thoughts think a way we do not see how love goes beyond our thinking.

    I see a life who responds and it is so in depth

    You are experiencing something that not that many can answer.

    I dont know why this has happened but I know love will give the support he needs.and you will see a deeper meaning in life.

    Love is an area of many things...

    Just because he lays there does not mean he is not there its a level I see there is more than we think..We think of them as I see they are in a place we dont understand..

    .Love goes beyond things not in is a spirit of deeper meaning.

    He will hold on till he needs what he needs to do.and maybe its you as they will show this.

    They are alright where they are we are the ones they hold on to to help us as they love us.

    I dont know if my husband will make it. and I hold hope .but I know I will give him what I can and I believe it will work out our own life.I call it as we resolve our cycle.

    As long as we give them our love and take care of. them..then I see it will go the way it goes in life.

    I ask for prayers and I know its a support,but if our love ones has a mission for us as they love us,we will see.

    As a mother it is harder to grasp as I have lost a daughter at a young age.

    I dont have all the answers as I have it is a big process to go through,

    By you reaching out helps you to see you are not alone.

    Sometimes I wish I could be there to hold your hand as I know.

    This is what I have seen and it may apply..but I feel if we dont say our thoughts we live in a small world. and there is more than we ever think sometimes as they are our Blessings to see and feel. and in moments it does not seem it is.and thats will come.

    Just keep on writing your thoughts and your heart...

    I hope this was ok to share with you.

    As I only want to help ,,and I respect others views as we all are here to give you some support in our own way.

  • Zep53,

    I appreciate very much your words of support and my heart and prayers go out to you. Its a very difficult situation to watch a love one diminish. I will truly keep you in my prayers. May GOD bless you.


  • I visit my son David on Wednesday (12/8) and he was very alert. I mean his eyes were open and clear, usually he's kinda sleepy eyed when I visit him around 3pm but i got there early (1pm) and unexpectedly for the home he's in too was a good day. As I mention in the beginning of my story David is in Medical Fragile Group Home for children & young adults of which he has his own room with tv, cd, dvd & cable, his special bed & equipment. In his home there are 4 teens incl/ him..(3 girls)...and 2 nurses & assistants, also the home has the president of the company office upstairs she is there mostly daily....So I feel that he is safe and taking care of well. I just hope & pray that he strives more and not give up. He sits in a chair, go to school 9am-2pm often unless he has doctor appointments, sick , or school nurse issues....but other than that ...he looks stable.....In early June 2010, David did get a major sickness of septis....which now he is in a new home and look & seem well. Please continue to pray and tell your stories I really appreciate them.

    Thank you all


  • Don't worry Miss Tonya, the prayers won't stop. I was praying for him this morning as I was driving and am praying for him now. I'm glad his eyes were more alert. Please tell him everyday we said hello and are thinking about him. Please coontinue with your updates if it's not to hard. Much love and blessings to you.

  • MissTonya, according to your son's astrological profile, what David wants most in life is to be in a place where he feels safe, is protected and taken care of and loved and where he fits in. Sounds to me like it is a good place where he is. The downside however is that he can become too dependent on it once he has found such an environment. So keep encouraging him to work to improve his condition. Tell him about the life that is available to him outside of the group home, all the fun and adventures he can have and the new people he can meet if he gets better. Don't let him settle for life in the home.

  • Captain,

    You are so on point as far as views....I tell David daily what he can do and what he use to do. David was born on 12/5/1990 and was fast to learn every since birth...he talked at 6mos and walked at 10mos...his little personality was adventurous, out-going and free...but in all he was calm & pleasant and very kind to family in his demeanor of tone in voice and helping. David favorite activites was board games, movies of any sort and sports he was very athletic, he has basketball, baseball and football trophies to prove it in which football was his favorite he was most valuable player the running man, my boy could play.....He is missed so, so much. He knew more people in his 17 years than I knew in my 38 years at the time of incident. I dont have any more children and this really has affected me. I dont wish to have anymore because of my age of 41years(june 20th) and no desire to....I basically just focus on David's care & safety. I truly appreciate all of your input you are a great support.

    Thank you


  • Ms Zep-53,

    I hope you are doing well and your husband has made progress. I re-read your words of support a few times...and I have to say you are a very strong woman.They say GOD dont put know more on us that what we can handle but sometimes its seem unbearable to us, but I can see you have a deep strength , especially of losing your daughter as well, lady. Im keeping you & your husband in my deepest prayers. I appreciate your concerns and words of support, because truthfully, I dont have anyone that I trully open up to, so Im very grateful for this blog site. Your able to express yourself freely and dont have to worry of being critiqued or judge and everyone's giving kind thoughts of support. I conmend you as well for your strength.


  • Captain you are so right about telling David constantly to fight it. I have a sad childhood memory to share why I feel this way. I had a friend in high school that was involved in a car accident and broke his neck and back and was left paralyzed. The doctors told him he could walk again but he just gave up and still 20 something years later is in a wheelchair. He drives a vehicle with hand controls. It always broke my heart that he gave up the fight. His family really didn't push him after a while and I had to move away. I always think about him and how sad it is that he doesn't have the strength alone. It probably happens more often than any of us are aware of. They need that constant encouragement. GREAT ADVICE! Probably the most important one Miss Tonya will ever hear. Thank you for the reminder.

  • MissTonya, perhaps you can help David remember how great his old life was and give him encouragement to fight his way back by helping him to play video games that are about sports and athletics and watching basketball games, etc. on TV. Perhaps some people would think it was cruel to remind someone of their former 'glory' days but I think it might just give them the incentive they need to get better. No matter what the doctors say, I believe the human spirit can work miracles on the body. The mind is the master and the body the servant, not the other way around.

  • captain,

    thats why when i wrote to her i ask her to get the laura silva body and mind healing where the give you one free download, this video is with this purpose, it works with the mind to give the person the strength, to defeat alot of illness, and i believe this is one, i understand she cant play the download where he is but she can copy the words, and talk to him , i believe in it deeply, i believe that the mind has a powerful source, that the messages we send to our minds come back into our bodies,

    from what miss tonya says, apparently he has the will, what he needs is the push, and this is not a physcial push, more giving the mind more will power and determination, if you like subscribe to it, and listen to it, and give her your opionion on it, i would love to hear her say, he made it, and he is outa there, and who knows how much of a normal life he can get to live, after all to me he is a child starting to live, twenty is a very tender age, with a whole future before it, in our society there have been many cases, where the doctors themselves stay with thier mouths open because they honestly do not have the answer, the most they say its a miracle, i wish she would work for that miracle, for i believe in miracles,

    thank you for listening to me.


  • The vital thing for David is to show him that he can also build an environment out of the group home that is just as - and even perhaps more - safe and loving and secure. He may have developed a fear of the outside world by now.

  • Ms Ramonita,

    Thank you for the info on the download I will definitely look into that. I did give David a cd for easy listening of nature sounds..hoping that will help and I've down some research on Reflexology to start massaging his hands & feet points that stimulate his brain more.

    I truly appreciate this blog-site and information of concerns given.

    Thank you,


  • Captain,

    I tell you, you are very intuitive....I do sometimes remind David how he played football, holding both of his hands and rocking them as if he's running with the football, I wish you could see his face...he gets very alert and into it as if he's actually doing that motion....David does have a strong will, I'm please of that...



  • miss tonya,

    i will keep in touch with you to know the progress your sons makes, he will go as far as he wants to let himself go, i admire you as a mother, you go your one hundred percent and if not futher, i have faith and also will pray for him the girls living on a prayer and my journey put his name on the healing thread.

    love and blessings to you, and your son


  • Ramonita.

    Thank you so , so , very much....I need all the help I can get and Im very grateful of all information...

    Thank u,


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