Severe Brain Damage healing prayer

  • Is there a divine healing prayer for my 19 year old son David, who acquired anoxic brain injury on 4/07/2008.

  • Dear misstonya,

    Just pray from your heart and that will be divine and healing prayer.

    I will also pray for David.

    God Bless


  • Misstonya, what are the specific symptoms resulting from the anoxic brain injury? I ask to know which area of the brain needs to be concentrated on.

    Please feel free to express your heart here. Many will be praying for you.

    May blessings come to you in measure.

  • Hi PatchLove,

    I appreciate your concern....David understands by hearing well, but he's unable to speak, his eyes are healthy but unsure if he understands what he sees or if its clear, his hands & arms are stiff to his chest mostly, which he recieves botox shots for, David doesnt walk but legs are flexible, but he can respond to commands by blinking his eyes...which is inconsistent.....Please keep my only child in prayer thank you.


  • Dear Misstonya

    I am sorry to hear that you are son hasnt been well i hope you dont mind i have put his name on the healing and prosperity thread my thoughts are with you and your family

    here is the link

  • Thank you all for your thoughts and concerns, may GOD bless.


  • Dear misstonya, my prayers are with you, your son and your family and friends for strength, healing, love, guidance, and help. Keep believing that God and your angels will put people in your path to help. I have heard that this can be a long road with a lot of ups and downs and at times you will need encouragement not to give up and your son also needs continuous encouragement not to give up. They say they need constant stimulation, to be touched and talked to. You must be exhausted. You can come here and vent to us anytime. We will listen and talk and pray with you to help you through this. We may not be experts but we are capable of research and we have huge hearts. It breaks my heart for you and your son. I can only imagine what he's thinking as he's watching you take care of him. I'm sure he is filled with love and awe that could never be explained. You will constantly be in my prayers. Much love and May God Bless You and Your Son

  • Hi ConfusedScorpion,

    Thank you so very much ....I truly appreciate your words of kindness....


  • Is there some way he can hear or play music because I feel listening to and playing a musical instrument (if he can) would be very relaxing and therapeutic for David? I feel he needs to try some movement even if it only with a few fingers. Even a harmonica or a flute etc.

  • Captain, you're right, it will definitely help. Not only will it be relaxing but it will stimulate his brain into learning again.

  • Hi Miss Tonya,

    I have been away for a couple of days..I'm sorry I haven't written sooner.

    Can David nod his head at all? That might be a first step or goal for him. Playing music for him will be stimulating for his brain waves as has been mentioned.

    Sounds of nature and I believe especially of whales and dolphins have a penetrating sound that strikes deep into the heart of man, and I think David will be very receptive to them.Not loudly, but softly, for if he has his hearing it will be even more sensitive to pick up on the areas that are not working .

    Does he have a pet dog? Dogs communicate very well without sound, and they are so in tune with us. A dog with a great patient tempermant would be great for David. Just his desire to interact with an animal, listening to them, and watching them and the natural world will stimulate new neurological pathways in his brain.

    Ask him what he likes to listen to. Do you know what he listened to before this injury? Does he have friends? Bring them over.

    David is full of thoughts and emotions and feelings and it has to be so very difficult not to be understood. Any recognition of him as whole human being will be greatly appreciated.

    Presenting Flash cards to him would be a good indicator of how much he can see. Try to make it a game with a sense of humor. I know this is the hardest smile in front of him, but he needs that from you.

    Believe with all your heart that he is going to be okay. Ask God for his glory to be made known through your son, through his loving kindness may he bring healing to your son. May he bring healing to his tissue, to form new neuron pathways, to help David grow once again.

    Music, and as has been mentioned, touch is neccesary. Massaging his limbs, his scalp. To the areas that are in contact with a bed or chair massage gently with olive oil daily. It is love as a mother that you do this. Do not be afraid, but let his healing through God's glory and mercy be your every thought as you do this. Peace will come to your soul because you know you are doing everything humanly possible to give him a fighting chance.

  • Patchlove you are wonderful! If your not a nurse, doctor or healer, you would make a good one.... You talk like I imagine an angel would talk. Wow! We are all blessed in your presence. As I read your instructions for help, I have a huge lump in my throat. I'm sure you will, but I have to ask, Please stay with Miss Tonya and David, I can feel your blessings you are bringing to them.

  • Sweet Scorpion, your words and outflowing of love are a reflection of your own. It is as if this were a pond, and the reflections are of the goodness we all knew were here on this planet.

    I do feel Miss Tonya and David will find a way.

    Also Miss Tonya, I had forgotten to include movies...especially comedy...laughter is something that comes from within without any effort on our own.

    May your angels strengthen you and David, may they be there when humans cannot through God's loving grace.

  • Sending healing prayers thoughts and love to you. Also much strength fortitude and hope.

    Patchlove has some great suggestions


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi PatchLove: Please try to get the hospital to let you play some music for him. The best is Mozart or Bach. Handel is very good. Whatever his favorite music was, try to play that as well as long as it is regular and does not have a lot of "garbage noise" added. I don't know how to describe that - but some music has what sounds like a record being scraped on by the needle or other electronic sounds that are not very "mathematical" in nature. I don't know the word for it.

    Try to use high quality headphones set at a low volume and ask if he likes it. Also rubbing arms, legs, skin with a soft brush will help ( the kind of brush the MD's use to scrub before surgery only without the iodine) and joint compressions. Basically you would take say the lower arm and upper arm and sort of push the two two towards the elbow and you do this with all the joints. It tends to stimulate the nerve endings and the "memory" of the nerves there, is what I think I remember. I don't think that the adolescent brain is fully connected til sometime in the early 20's - I can't remember - but that may be a point in his favor. If he has a strong will - amazing things can happen. Also - take care of yourself as well!.

  • patch love,

    i have two suggestions for you, the first is to go the the healing prayers and abundance thread, and ask the girls to put your sons name on the list,

    the second suggestion i have for you is to go to the sylvia body and mind healing she will give you the first download for free, i imagine he is in a hosiptal copy what the video says, and tell him those words, so he can fight for his life, if you do not find the healing and prayers thread go to my post, where my journey writes to me practically everyday and she will put your son on the list,

    about the video, theres certains parts you wont be able to do with him, but there are others that i truly believe will help him very much,

    as a mother and grandmother i hold you close to my heart, i will pray for your son also.

    with much love,

    blessings i ask of god for you and your son.


  • patch love,

    my post is under the name


  • miss tonya,

    sorry just that i live and do everything to fast i thought it was patch love post, however the invitation is open to you, sorry again girls for the confusion,


  • Sunday,December 5th was my son David's 20th birthday... (wow by April 7,2011 will be 3 years time moves fast and theirs no drastic change in David but his skin looks clear & healthy)....and a few family members got with me to visit him in Bowie, Md where he lives in a Medical Fragiile Home for kids & young adults. He really was alert and seemed glad to see everyone there for him. We talked to him & sang happy birthday..It was a good heart so happy & joyful because Im basically the only one who visit my son regularly....anyway GOD is good and I'm grateful that David is still living and fighting for his dear life and Im glad he knew & love GOD enough to continue to survive...

    Thank you all


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