May all who have insight to offer, please enlighten

  • Captain kindly gave answer to a direct question, and I thank him so much for his introduction to this site.

    I came to realize that he is one of many souls here who have valuable wisdom to offer.

    As a prism reflects light of different colors, I feel that I may learn from Spirit coming from different perspectives.

    Please, if anyone is moved to relate a message, please do so.

    I will explain a little of myself.

    I feel that loved ones who have passed are with me always. Loves I have encountered I have never forgotten.

    The true and loving man I am with now, resembles in pictures of his youth the first love I encountered at 10 yrs old. lol..they do look alike at 10-11. I believe it is the first and the last.

    I recognized angels singing when I was 5-6 when I was very afraid one night after seeing a wolfish huge eye glaring at me on the wall. Their singing immediately vanquished the fear and peace came to me.

    They have saved my life several times in auto accidents where the cars have been totaled and I havent had a scratch.

    They saved my son's life when he was in a small sports car hit broadside by an SUV going 55-60 mph. His seat was twisted towards the front bumber of the vehicle, and looking at knew it was miracle that he survived. Will my children ever recognize the grace and love that holds them?

    I believe with all my heart and soul that begging all I knew of faith to pray for specific healings and calling several churches with prayer requests for the same made a difference.

    I believe part of my purpose here is to share these experiences with others.

    There is an abundance of love not only here but in the life to come.

    There is a struggle for dominance now when ones looks over the world view....the promotion of the dark side is full bent, and the light of truth and knowledge are becoming more known than ever.

    Love conquers all..if not in the physical realm, most certainly in the spiritual. As it has been said...Death, where is thy victory? Death, where is thy sting?

    Love is eternal...and we shall know each other when we leave this world.

    It doesnt stop the pain of losing a loved one physically,...but it helps knowing they are still with us in thought and spirit.

    Please, offer any insight you feel will be helpful.

    I know that much pain awaits me, for one cannot love and be one without experiencing the seperation of our physical bodies.

    Will Theta waves bring a greater awareness...and will awareness help in this situation?

    Thank you for any and all input.

    Peace and Love,

    Brea, Namaste

  • Dear Patchlove ,

    Welcome very nice to meet you and i love your avatar your stories are very interesting i had a strong feeling pull me here i am slowly opening up to spirit i am 41 years old and have just started to have a couple of visions that other people could relate to on the threads so its baby steps for me sometimes im second guessing myself thinking it could be my imagination but when i say what i see and someone confirms it i am totally stunned its an amazing feeling .

  • Dear Patchlove ,

    Im sorry i had to cut my previous post short as my son was badgering me to use the computer i just wanted to let you know that The Captain is a lady alot of people at first think she is a male because of her username she is one of the best readers on the forums and has always been very helpful to me . Must go Patchlove look forward to chattingwith you more on the forums Take care Lots of love Mags

  • Thank you Mags for your responding. It's wonderful that you have a gift. I look forward to sharing more thoughts.

    My apologies to the Captain. The strength which you have with the name did make me think otherwise. See???? I need more insight!!


  • Dont worry its easydone i thought the same as well when i first joined looking forward to chatting with you more

    Take care lots of love Mags

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