• I was thinking more like "SUNNY CALIFORN-I-A, mystical (really!!!!) Arizona... Big Fork Montanna? Three Springs, PA? (is this, a Tarnished-Knight-in-used-to-be- shining-armour, story?) I ve been, parts, of both states; neither, good for sandals, though......... what's up with that, unless, it's personal, Curious! Cat

  • PS "Husband" who, for our purposes, here, shall be known, as, "Billy-boy", all the time ("selective" comprehension, of the English Language, American text, usually, as spoken, by "moi"......) use, to say, in response, to me "are you(me) speaking GREEK?" (so "cute"!!!!!!) this, of course, to "disarm, circumvent, irritate,etc.......cunning little ferret, he can be, sometimes) SOoooooo, I picked up, my trusty, dictionary, and," Saprize, SAAprize, " I am! just that, kindly, its been, turned, into English, or translated, into English; so......... guess what, I only had, to say, "ONCE", "yes, I AM, speaking GREEK, etc., that 's been, the end, of "selectiveness" any way, the point here, Is Language, due to Billy-boys games, and Tarot, has become, rather significant, more, an awareness Hugs, Cat PS aren't guys(even, if they're 73((I'm 61, ))just "TOO CUTE!!!!!!!" ????????

  • I hear ya cat, n YES guys age 73 are DAAARRRRRLIIINNGGSSS. Even those of age 69 hehehehehehehe . tarnished knight as in burnt knight yes he is the Montana guy. The other is Alden, Three Spring Pa stories yes yes yes n they r all true. im glorious 38 soon to b 39 n u know what i no fear the big 4 0 at all. im looking forward to it. I hope by then i can say im FINALLY an ADULT n ive FIALLY found MY shelf. im still not sure wether what im doing is right BUT it beats unemployment lines

  • Intuitive yeah - psychic something i think. like me. im so many gifts i dunno where to start. a pal of me tried soemthing like psychic medium chaneller reikihealer healer pastlife reader rreader empath etc ..........................

    have u ever "read" anyone? if yes what do u useally need to do it? I need now only a photo n whammo i get messages lol

  • Charmed, 1of3(0n our way, out......) Montanna, IS Beautiful!, last night, "kept" thinking, about, "Glacier National Park" (check, it, out, on line......), one, of, The Federal Protectorites, I was, mentioning, generally, yesterday..... "AMAZING" place(s)!" Montanna-ins" (I think, I may have, just, made-up, that word.....) are, a hardy lot! (of course, you, already, know, this) probably, the closest, place/people, somewhat, similar/parallel, to "The Norsemen", accept, of course(funny!) "no, nifty, dragon-boats"! So," burnt-knight", descended, from: rancher, farmer, timberer, miner, Great Northern/Union Pacific Railroad, Blackfoot Indian, etc? All, of the, above? 'makes, a difference; American-Subculture, going on, here; any interest (either) to "reinvest/reinvent", relationship? Later, Hugs! Cat

  • carve it out for me cat carve it out lol even more lol

  • Is "Montana" "toast? burnt to a crisp? "GONE" for GOOD?good? WEEEeeelll...... those "boys", from Montana(Big Sky Country, AKA...) , "some", might say. "hard, to bridle, harder to saddle, harder yet, to ride" (not me; some I knew, both Indian& "Paleface" Ladies...) these "boys", have to get their "Wild" going, "Mustang, Stallions"! Probably, not good, to co-habitate, with, until, their 50's(age), tone, down, some.....(A LOT!) Remember, most famous, Montana/Personality, "Evil Knieval", if, you, aren't, familial, DO, check this, out, on line! THAT, will say, mouthfuls! HUGS! Cat

  • Well cat my ChArlie is actually a California i am San Francisco born raised lived educated worked around n in LA as a firefighter. His business partly lies in Montana Big Fork by the Flathead lake., Native american territory in olden times. still is some says he also has some in Uruguay n is i think expanding to panama. some say he has in paraguay as well. he has some in brasil also. quite the entrepenour - rental bizz man lol

  • Charlie, is San Francisco/LA/Firefighter? or you? Cat

  • he WAS. he had to retire due to an accident that disabled him a bit. Bad bad back thing. N as a firefighter u need a strong healthy back. Im not one as my backs shot way b4 its time. My physiotherapist plainly said u have no back from shoulder blades n down to ya butt. nicew huh? LOL naahh is a weak back im working to make strong again.

  • next "Pathos", prayer/feather(Hopi) for you/yours! I am, so sorry.......really! anyway, "Intuitive Self", "seems" (obviously...) to be "interested"(for you....) in Montana/LA guy; and, "SHE", isn't, sharing(with me) so, there must be, something, "SHE" Wants, you, to "SEE"; Hugs Cat

  • What??? i dont get it. u need to carve it out in huge letters for me thanx

    did i tell u the feriocious fights ive found myself in on diff chats opposing frauds, hoax, scamartist n plain skankho´s?

    Non found her by the way .................. not anyways yet

  • I got lost; partial, response, to above, answered, at "I hate.." topic, about, "Pathos"; I don't know, "about, ferocious fights, etc, and. don't, understand, "non found her by the way..." ? anyway, again, Thanks for the game; you won! Hugs! Cat PS have, a great, day!

  • oopsss , am in past when i asked skanks who i thought to b psychic n readers i´d blab of Alden n Charlie. I was naive and guileble. Little did i know the skanks would jump n b porn xxxxxx rated with any man who entered this particular chat. i was soon chosen as punchbag n doomatt, n i fought fights so feriocious like a pack of animals after a prey. they ´stalked me across 3 chats b4 i turned i fought my stance. the tricks they tried to get me to dump pareticulary Charlie. pathetic. even when they stopped coming and i nos ee em they had pals in theior gangs whow would do bs so they could get their prey,. we talk here of women who dioesnt know how to keep a man let alone how to treat a man right so that he would stick. they had lost too often n blamed the guy for their own shortcommings as well as slam it on me.

    They treated anyone who had a life some purpose love n men in her life as they had treated me. like the worst piece of scum ever. they too would disguise as good doers who "saves", wanna be frauds. u name it. Everything that was wrong or lacked in theri lives they slammed on us who had has one. no exception n acted all mighty n higher than thou,. real dregs if u ask me

    as for the her its a typoe should b i have YET not found any such here on the forums. praised be all knock on would salt over left shoulder count blessings 7 9 13 knocvk knock u know lol

    i hope this helps. as for day got 7.45 pm now so its almost over n got not much to show for it LMAO

  • taking, a chore break; it's, about, 2:20, pm MST(Mountain Standard time/US) I, will, have, to read what, you wrote, over, a few, times, "but, I do, get, "THE DRIFT", not "UNKNOWN" to me, I could feel, "the tears", begin, to well, "some" understanding; I need, to "sit" with this, awhile, but, for the moment, the questions, I was, asking, about "Montana", was, because, of a "Feeling" ( just, a feeling, not, here, claiming, intuition((but, could, be......)) that, perhaps, if, "the burnt to a crisp-one, could, be, "reclaimed", reconstituted? etc., would, that, maybe, "be good"? "Montana", sounds, rather/quite, spectacular! that's, alot, going, for anyone! HUGS! XOXOXO Cat

  • Definitely good bc sunday i awoke desiding as i morning showered to get new winterboots, flashes of pieces to a puzzle fall into continuent patterns n telepath messages going winternboots for montana weather, weather boots montana, winterweatherboots montana, montanaweatherwinter boots n so on. at 1st i was puzzled n the dime no fall, untilk 16 hours later. as i had purchased boots i sensed he had been online googling for winter wardrope as well, i strong sense charlie mr burnt crisp montana has invested in winterclothes boots the loads to get used to all season in montana. for my benefit i like to lure myself into believing. however not sure. SINCE u keep mentionuing only him am i pretty sure i got my answer however im slow of comprehension,. that is the replyt to which one as i asked nio? id liek to think so.

  • I, haven't, had, on thought/anything, concerning "Pennsylvania"(Alden), accept, the State, itself; American Civil War/ and "bean soup & Fritters"! also, lovely winter boots/Montana (for Helena, Capital/sidewalks; need "Sorrels" from Canada, for the rest.....)AND....... Sandals, for the California coast, maybe? I thought, you went, to bed; 'glad, I caught, you..... Cat

  • LMAO well i went short after. Im on danish time. GMT plus hour time. maybe it helps.

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