613 what does it mean?

  • For the past three years, I have been noticing the number 613 alot. However, this year it is everywhere daily!! I just so happen to look at the clock everyday, right at 6:13 as well.

    June 13th just so happens to be my birthday as well. I feel strongly that this means something, but I do not know what. Is someone trying to tell me something or warn me about something?

    Please help!


  • Serene One-

    I have no answers for you but I have the same issue here. The numbers that pop up for me are 11 and 23. I was born on the 23rd day, major events have occurred on the 11th of any given month and even my home address is 1123! I too look at the clock at the 23rd minute of any given hour! Let's hope we both get some guidance here because I'm as concerned as you!


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