KT Tunstall

  • Does anyone here listen to KT Tunstall. She is amazing! Her astrological sign is Cancer.

  • KT ROCKS!! I love her!!!

  • Omg, thank you! Another person who actually appreaciates KT. I love her song "Universe and U". Good stuff.

  • hello fellow Taurean

    yes I do love KT Tunstall but my fav is Tori Amos she is brilliant have a listen you will love her or maybe you do already..... and if u love KT then you will love TA too listen to her song called The beekeeper it is so sad and so deep ,, makes me sad but happy too also another amazing Tori track is called sleeps with butterflies same album....

    be interested to know what you think?


  • Oooh, yeah. I'm going to try to listen to Tori Amos. I'll post another comment when I have listened to Tori's songs. Thanks!

  • Bet you will love her let me know.... I can tell u what I think are best tracks.... but prob The Beekeeper album one of the best..

  • Juat had to ask do you like Stevie Nicks? ok I know prob years old now but she is amazin I have never met a Taurean who didnt love her....... listen to Dreams and Rhiannon from Fleetwood Mac and a song she wrote called Nightbird... well maybe u wont like we will see just think all Taureans love a good female vocalist and she is brilliant one of the best so enjoy???? let me know!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, I think they're both really good. Thought you're right, I do like Stevie Nicks. And I do like a good female vocalist!

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