Needing a reading from anyone who is willing and able

  • I feel like I need a reading about the current life situation, I feel lost and confused I feel like I'm in a rut of some sort and need to be pointed in the right direction because I feel clueless right now, please someone shed some light for me. I am so grateful for any and all help. Blessed Be.

  • Dear truetoyourheart,

    What is your DOB and location?

  • DOB is September 28th 1984, and location is New York

  • Dear trueto yourheart

    You are going through a transformation in which will end when you are half way through 2011. In the beginning of 2011 you will want to change a lot of things in your life/ Work and how you present yourself . diffrent image if you will. You will also feel like you want new colors in your life not only in clothes but on the walls of your dwelling.

    Brighter colors will appeal to you . I feel light greens and golds and yellows and blues for you will really change your vibration and bring it up higher/

    You will have many changes coming for you and around you/ I do not know if you are married as it feels like you are too much alone , so if in a marriage or relationship this will change also in the new year because you will change your attitude and be more out there with other people than you have been for awhile. Interesting people that really bring with them knowledge that will help you grow and walk a diffrent pathway in life. I feel a spanish name here like Horehay or Who-le-oh that will be of help to you in expand your horizons. You will travel also in 2011 it feels like the islands of the south pacific to me. What fun you will have there.

    In your work area I again feel you are to alone, do you work from home? If so you must get out and make people contact and you will in this new year. Everyone that you meet in 2011 will make an impact on your psychic, so ask your angels to guide you to the people that are surrounded by their white light.

    Cheers to you in 2011

  • I do feel too much alone, I'm not in a relationship but do you see me being in one? and I am on SSI I don't work, I am disabled. is there anything else you can tell me?

  • I do feel too much alone, I'm not in a relationship but do you see me being in one? and I am on SSI I don't work, I am disabled. is there anything else you can tell me?

  • Dear truetoyourheart,

    Hello Dear,

    I sense that yes you will meet a man that you will have an interest in his name sounds like Leondard or Leon. He walks with a bit of a limp, but is fuctional and working. You will meet him at a center it feels like to me, or a church as a bus from a church can come and pick you up to take you to this center or church. You need to involve yourself in the community , volunteer work of some kind that you do from home like calling people that are homebound like yourself and checking in with them to see how they are doing , if they need anything, this would again be connected to a church or center. Are you in a wheelchair? As I feel something with your back and legs here. I ask that you pray along with me for you to have a completly diffrent life in 2011. One that you have filled other peoples lives with love and are receiving double the love in return.

    Love Is Waiting For You in 2011

  • Thank you Shaubby for your reading for me 🙂

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