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  • Hi guys,

    How would you interpret the Fool card for a friends relationship? From one side it's a whole new journey opening up, but would you say that it can also mean parting ways? and going on this journey seperately? I drew a clarification card and got the Lovers card and then the High priestess? I'm wondering if this means we will stay friends...

    (If this helps, that's the whole spread:

    Immediate concerns: 5 wands

    Obstacles: King of swords

    What is knows objectively: 7 wands

    Foundation of the concern/pas influences: 2 swords

    Past: 4 wands

    Near future: 10 pentacles

    Current state of mind: 3 swords

    Circumstanes surrounding the situation: The Star

    What you hope or fear: 7 cups (and clarification card is 8 swords)

    And the outcome : The Fool (and clarification cards the lovers and high priestess) )

    Many thanks in advance and for guidance! 🙂

    All the very best!

  • This post is deleted!

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