Question about my music please

  • im an ambitious young man very determined to make it in the music biz,i have tried to come across as a solo artist which would give me pretty much full creative control in the question is though,i have a friend his name is fernando,he is a pisces(,i have known him since high school)is if i should wait for him to pull through and let him play with a bassist,i have compromised with him and say we can be two bands,but play under one collective question is though if i should wait for him?do any of you see him be serious about our possible musical collobration?any help would be appreciated.thanks!

  • Hello Sterilite,

    Your pisces friend is indeed talanted, but when I read that there would be two bands under one name, there is a negative feeling here that comes in the form of not being able to meet each persons needs this way. I do not feel it will work out this way. You need to find a bassist that has the experience you are looking for and is dependable. I hear the name of Rogar and Adam coming in around this request.

    I do feel you will do well with your music career and I do not know if you live in the US?I see lights and your name lite up and large crowds of people. You will write a song that has the word sugar in it that will really reach out there and draw attention it you and your band.

    I'm reading your energy and of course the choices you make for yourself and band are always yours made out of free will. Let me know how this turns out for you.

    Love Your Musical Vibes


  • thanks shuabby!

    yes i do live in the friend doesnt have much experience playing bass,so your saying i should let him out of the fold??also do you think i should quit trying to be a solo musician for the time being and just form a band therefore everyones needs can be satisfied??or would i be setteling for something less??

  • Dear sterilite.

    At this time you may need a band behind you to introduce yourself and your music to the world. Do you have time to be a solo musician and the right agent to back you in doing so? These things are very important and need careful attention to success. It feels like you really want to be on your own, if so do you already have contacts to promote you? You must have people you can trust around you to help you. The name of George is coming in here as a good influence and a Sissie or Sara also. Do you play a lot of an electric guiter? As I am hearing some great music melody coming from this.

    I know you have every thing in you to become the musician you want to be , don't be in a rush and ask for devine guidence.


  • im 24 but i feel like i am in a rush.i feel i got a lot of good songs..i play both electric and acoustic going to definitely look into finding an agent,im not sure if i can get people to play if i want to be solo as they are going to have to work by my rules..thats why i settled for paying session musicians for a while.but in any case im going to look for an agent and try to get myself out there.thanks for your time shuabby! p.s are you pakistani?

  • Hello sterilite,

    I'm a blonde American.

    Your welcome.

  • oh okay i just thought because of the name that from anglo origins??if you dont mind me asking?

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