• Hi all,

    I had an issue occur last year between myself, my ex-husband and someone I thought was a friend of mine. However, throughout this year, I've found that this friend doesn't want to know me and almost seems to want me out of his life completely. I never run across him, which is very strange in a small town, and I don't feel that calling him'd achieve anything either. I think, though, that he drove by me in the street last week, but if it was him, he completely ignored me.

    I would simply like to know if we'll ever be friends again, or have I lost his friendship forever? I know I was thinking there might be more than friendship at one point, but gave up on that early this year. Then later hoped friendship might come out of it.

    But nothing so far. My ex was very instrumental in how things went here, as I was by a silly, impulsive act, and sometimes when I think about this issue - which I have been quite a lot lately, more's the irritation - I want to scream!

    Can anyone see a resolution to this, or a way I can or should resolve it? Or do I simply forget about it (as if I could) and move on? I thought I'd come to an acceptance of this situation, but for some reason I'm thinking about it a lot more recently and it's driving me insane!

    Thanks in advance for your insights,




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    Well, I'm curious 🙂

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