• Hi there,

    I'm wondering if anyone can see what will happen with my work situation during 2011. Currently, there are problems where I work, namingly that a member of staff was given a permanent, full time position over myself and another lady who should've been a walk in for it. We can't understand this decision, and I guess I'd like to know why she was picked over us, or at least the other lady who's been there longer than me and been very good at the job.

    There is also another situation which involved a meeting with our boss yesterday, and I'm worried about repercussions from this meeting.

    Can anyone see what the reasons are for my first "dilemma" and what the outcome might be for the second?

    And how much longer I'll work there myself? I'm just feeling these could be messages for me to find something else, but there's not much going in my small town :))


    Cheers everyone



  • Dear Chris,

    The woman was given the job because she knows someone and they helped her acheive this position. Good things do come for those who wait.

    The meeting in which you had with your boss was a discussion agenda and you spoke your concerns and needs. If there are any repercussions it will only be mild ones and there will be many changes coming in your work environment in which will affect you either in a negative way in which I feel you will not like what is happening in the downsizing and moving and demotion areas. You can seek other employment , but if you remain in your small town than you will have to widen your job search to other areas of learning and streaching yourself to earn a living. You may choose to leave the area for work and I sense you heading more North from where you are now. This will offer more employment opts and I sense that you would be much happier on most levels in the process.

    Luck Be With YOu


  • Thanks very much Shuabby, things at work have been chaotic and not very positive, at least from the management side of things for quite a while. I think you're right about the woman who got the job (I didn't expect to have a chance, but thought the other one should've been given it outright) - most of us have wondered why she seems to have been given the prime shifts over and above others who have been there longer, so that confirms what I/we had suspected anyway.

    As for the other changes, I wonder if they might involve our current boss who, although a decent person, is in over her head. I've wondered if she's going to lose her job or leave. Is that what you can see at all? Just wondering ...

    As for other options, well, I'll just have to see what comes in 2011. What you've said also confirms what I'd suspected: that I may have to find another way to earn money, although I'm not all that keen on travelling out of town for that because I left travelling to work behind when I moved from the city. Still, we'll see what 2011 brings.

    Thank you again! If you have any other insights here, I'd be happy to hear them.




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