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  • Fourfold Vision spread

    The significator: Knight of Cups

    From Right to Left

    1. Page of Wands - Reversed

    2. Five of Swords

    3. Death

    4. Strength

    5.Four of Wands

    Trying to figure this one out, any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance ^^

  • hey roenegative, which position represents what? is page of wands the past? what five of swords stands for? etc? if four of wands in the future, then I'd say its a very good spread!

  • Page of Wands - Reversed :represents the object being viewed

    Five of Swords: represents the physical vision

    Death: represents the mental vision

    Strength: represents the emotional vision

    Four of Wands: represents the fourfold

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  • I am only learning myself, but my guess in interpreting this would be:

    the page of wands being reveresed maybe means that the object viewed is not quite viewed the way he/she really is or perhaps your image of the person is not a very positive one, like of someone who is immature, unreasonable.

    Maybe this is why the physical vision is five of swords..which I think represents a certain defeat, dissapointment, loss or unfair victory (one that will not bring the desired satisfaction)

    The mental vision described by death I would say means some big changes and transformation in your mind. I find that death appears in my readings when there are real changes going on in relationship (they can be for better or for worse, that's why I normally draw another card to clarify what kind of changes are coming). Looking at the last card (which I suppose sums up all the previous ones, I suppose the changes are for better.

    I'm not quite sure what Strength can mean representing one's emotions, but I suppose it might mean that the emotions are strong and real or that you are trying to supress your emotions or restrain yourself..

    Ultimately the last card is a very good and postive one when it comes to relationship readings. To me it means good times, mutual understanding and harmony.

    Hope this helps and as I said, I'm only learning myself 🙂

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