Triple Pisces?

  • Anybody out there who has a Sun in Pisces, Moon in Pisces and an Ascendant PIsces? Just wondering...

  • Wow! I would like to talk with you! I am a double Pisces( sun and ascendant in Pisces). I also have Mercury in Pisces, so understand that energy very well. But the moon represents our inner self, the part of us that we can be private about. I have read that the moon in Pisces is the most sensitive placement. My youngest son is a moon Pisces, and I have a couple close friends that are moon Pisces. But none are Pisces sun! I looked in an astrology book about Pisces sun/ Pisces moon and it said you are the most impressionable, receptive, and romantic of all sun-moon combinations, and as a result, very hard to pin down.You are also rather introverted and preoccupied with your inner world, which is very real to you although it does not bear much resemblance to actuality.You are very shy, yearn to be understood and normally respond warmly in happy social situations.Could go on and on. Is life hard or enchanting as a triple Pisces? Let me know.

  • No, I mean, I'm not a triple pisces, though that would be kool. I'm also trying to see if there are any triple pisces. But I think my cat is a triple pisces.

  • I am not a triple but I have a Pisces ascendant. My sun sign is Virgo and my moon sign is cancer.

  • Ooh, thats kool.

  • I'm an Aries sun, Pisces moon and an Ascendant Libra. Makes for a very interesting group. Especially the whole Aries and Pisces part.

  • well whoever this person is POOR you and everyone around you, PISCES who I used to think were absolutely awesome, spiritual and dreamy I now know that aries and pisces so do not go together in anyway but sexual (and there it is pretty amazing) but other than that no - they are so like fishes, fittering around you all the time then swim away to some other part of the massive ocean then they just think they can just come back to you when ready hahaha bad news too late she cried.

  • yes am sure the whole Aries and Pisces part is interesting as they are SOOO different!

  • I am a double Pisces, sun and moon. Ascendant is Aquarius though by just a slight matter of degress, so I am as close to a triple as you can get without being one. I have to agree with the assessment of active inner life, yearn to be understood etc...the Aquarius ascendant presents me to the world as outgoing, so in typical Pisces form I am a mystery!

  • Both my Sun and Moon are in Pisces, with my Rising sign, not sure if that is considered the Ascendent?, but my Rising sign is Sagittarius. My Neptune is in Scorpio and I have (5) fire signs, (2) Earth signs and (2) Air signs in my charts, not really sure how to read or understand all that. Just know I'm always looking for the perfect, fairy tale love which of course just does not exist. I always feel empty or lonely inside, trying to be positive now that I'm getting on in years (50) this year, so I've decided to speak kindly, love with all my heart and have patience and understanding to all those in my life. I just want peace around me and for everyone.

  • Well FireyArian I don't think they're that bad of a combo. Actually I think they go quite well together especially after you factor in the Libra. Aries allows me to be outspoken and have some leadership(albiet maybe not as much as a full blown Aries) while the Pisces allows me to be in touch with other people. So basically it's sort of like a Ying and Yang thing and it's very interesting defiantly. It has it's ups and downs. Once you add the Libra in I'm pretty much a people person all around. 🙂

    I'm sure there are some bad things as well but I can't think of any right now. Either that or my subconscious is blanking them out hehe 🙂

  • Ooh, interesting.

  • It sure is. Talking and getting to know people is fun and since I especially like talking to girls it's a great combo to get all the insight.

  • I am triple Pisces, and I have Jupiter in Pisces...

  • I just found out that I am a triple Pisces...when I told it to a friend who knows a lot about horoscoped he said " I see why you behave so much like a pisces!". Is this common to have one sign on sun/ascendent/moon?

  • ok, well I'm a triple pisces with venus in pisces as well.. And I'm just gonna throw out the larger end of the scale as it's perceived from some of my more extreme memories.

    it's really no dream come true. Granted, I have alot of other factors going into my spirit than just that. I'm also a pretty Fiery redhead. But if I was to tell you what it was like, I would have to say that it's like pouring Battery acid and ammonia into a barrel and not having them equalize, but just combine. (Ph scale)

    It's powerful and painful all at the same time. I wouldn't wish some of the things I've felt on my worst enemy, but I also sometimes would give anything for someone to understand how much more feeling this way makes my life worth living. It means that life can be so romanticized that the mere night sky can feel like you're looking at the painting starry night, and sometimes you can just get lost. But it also means that your emotions are not only alot for you to handle, but it's hard for anyone else to be able to meet the drastic measures needed to fulfill them.

    Now, getting past all that emotional stuff... There's also the receptive piece, and with that I have to say, I feel like I really just have a better understanding of why people do what they do, and what people might be feeling at any given time. But even with how well you can understand those everywhere around you, there still seems to be this odd disconnect where it's really hard for them to understand you, and it's really unpleasant.

    There you have it, you were askin' ^_^

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