Can anyone please provide a reading for me?

  • Somewhere in your childhood you got cut off or separated from your parents - maybe not a physical separation but certainly an emotional one involving some sort of tyranny. Maybe they were too hard on you or too critical and demanding but somehow you learnt to protect yourself by guarding your emotions and holding back part of yourself. They may not have intentionally made you feel weak or sick but it made you drive yourself to keep everything in your life pure and pristine because if you fear if you let down your guard for one moment you might be swept away in the tide. You may even feel you must try to please people you don't even like very much. You become terrified that the bottom will drop out of you life and are almost relieved when it does because you're half-expecting it.

  • Have to go to work - if you have any more questions, Joe, please post them here and I will get back to them when I can.

  • Captain....May I ask how you are getting your information? Tarot cards? Intuition? Astrology?

  • This reading has not helped me at all....I feel worse now as my questions remain unanswered and now I have more questions. We need to talk when you can.

  • Joe, the very fact that you see the breakup as all the other person's fault tells me how blind you are being in this situation.

  • I am not blind to this situation! I know the truth. I know it takes 2 people to dance. You are not understanding my total situation or what was unfairly done to me. It was mostly her fault--you have no idea about what I gave--everything. (to you, I was still hiding something right?--wrong) I am not saying I am perfect just saying that I suffered many consequences because of HER. How are you getting your information? Please let me know.

  • I'm sure you wanted the answer that you are a wonderful person and that it was all your ex's fault and that one day she will realise her mistake and come crawling back, begging for forgiveness. But I can only give you the truth as I see it. This situation really is nothing to do with your ex, only with you and how you must recognise and deal with any issues that are keeping you from healing and having healthy relationships. You are attracted to damaged people because your upbringing made you think that it is normal to be in love with these types of people.

    Is how I get my information really all that relevant or are you just looking for ways to negate what I have told you? You have to face yourself sometime, Joe.

  • The truth as you see it (you NEVER explained HOW you got to it did you?) is not MY truth. I guess you think its OK to not truly answer the initial questions asked and to try to teach someone something about themselves....your reading provided nothing to help or guidance or love.

    Perhaps you need to take a better look at yourself oh wise one and understand why you are so reluctant to provide how you are coming up with these answers unless you have something to hide?

  • And one last note, FYI...I am not looking to get back together with my ex. I am looking forward, toward the future.

  • Hi Joe,

    Not a psychic but I have used the Captain before and she can be pretty accurate about many things. Not sure how she reads but I have had her do readings on me where she knew nothing but my screen name and she was dead on - so I would say she is using primarily intuition and not just reading tarot cards or astrology. She reads photographs too. Maybe that might be more helpful?

    Anyway, the only way you're going to get specific answers to your questions is to ask the woman yourself. I've found that psychics/readers are good with the big picture but not so good with the details. The Captain is probably right that you can't look forward because you are still stuck in the past. Why care about how things went badly for you if you don't want to continue in the relationship and want to move to the next one?

    If what the Captain says doesn't ring true to you, the only thing you can do is clear your mind, meditate, and wait for the answer to come to you. Even then, you're going to learn more about yourself and your wants, needs, attributes, faults and not so much about your ex. Like I said, you can't get that info unless you talk to her or her parents. But why wallow in it? Give yourself time to get over her, clear her from your mind, and then you can see more clearly about the situation and move on to your next love.

    Hope that helps some.

  • Tenchi2go...thank you for taking the time to respond to me. It is greatly appreciated in my time of need.

    So if she thinks I am stuck in the past what should she recommend that I do instead of blaming my past choices/parents? This response does not make sense to only provides blame to another party while making me feel even more confused. What is the advice then? Don't pass me a riddle to figure out. Am I making sense? This woman was not like this during the first year of our relationship. I tried to help her. This is what makes it so difficult.

    Yes, it will take time as I loved this woman deeply and unconditionally. So what do I do now? Take time and meditate? I was trying to get some answers and have some closure so that I could move this relationship ended (abruptly and with NO communication) has taken its toll on me emotionally, especially since I am trying to move on. I guess I should just stop writing huh?

    Thanks, Joe

  • I dabble in tarot and did a love spread for you.

    Here's what I got:

    Present problem -Strength Reversed

    Pretty obvious - your problem right now is that you are weak. You lack the strength or confidence to confront your problems and move on. You don't have faith in yourself and are questioning everything about you. You feel very insecure. This card often signifies depression and worry, feeling overwhelmed about a situation. Sounds right so far.

    Childhood influences/what you were taught about love - 7 of cups

    When you were a child you had a fantastical view about what love is but that's what it was - a fantasy. Not reality. Prince Charming doesn't always show up or get the fair princess. Just because you love someone you think is right for you doesn't mean you will both live happily ever after. You had an unrealistic view of love. 7 of cups can also mean that you were confused about love and what it really means - there were things getting in the way that muddled reality (too many options or emotions overwhelmed reasonableness, things were romanticized, or there was a lot of escapism getting in the way, etc. . . )

    Adolescent lesson in love - Queen of Swords

    This card could represent a person. I pull this card as myself a lot. She is a very intelligent but aloof woman. Not very emotional. She tends to stay away from people - she's an introvert. You would definitely go to her to get level headed advice but she prefers her own company over anyone else and is very independent. Did you have a relationship with a woman like this in your past? If so, she may have made you feel rejected even if she did care for you. She showed it differently than what we see on tv - hugs, kisses, I-love-you's, hand-holding in the park. She wasn't into that at all or rarely. You may not have felt satisfied being with such a cold person.

    Recent past (within last year) - 3 of coins

    Just recently you were in a relationship where you felt you were at the first stages of accomplishing your dream. However it also may indicate that money, status, family pressures, social standing were in play so that emotions were strained in the process.

    Current Influence - 4 of coins reversed

    4 of coins reversed means you may be having money problems at the moment or had to let something of value go. You may be very timid or much more defensive than usual and it is slowing down your progress.

    Where things will lead if you stay on same path - 4 of wands

    Confusing card here since it usually means a happy, peaceful occasion. Like a vacation after working very hard for something. That you have laid down the foundation for something that will be strong and solid in the future. It is also the marriage card (being in a committed , positive relationship). After taking the other cards into consideration, I think it means that there was nothing seriously wrong with the way you approached the situation but you need to be more realistic and this incident/event has laid the groundwork for a better, more fulfilling relationship if you learn from the past. It's good that you want to know why things happened the way they did so you can correct any mistakes or catch flaws the next time around. Also seems related to 4 of wands (below), if you rest it will make you feel a lot better, peaceful.

    What you need to work on - 9 of Cups reversed

    9 of cups is the wish card - you will get what you desire, so the reverse means you need to deal with unrealistic wishes because they aren't going to come true. It may also mean that you tend to go for superficial women or relationships or have an unhealthy obsession with appearances. You're attracted to beautiful women who don't want the same goals as you do and don't really care that much for you. Maybe more into the money?

    Who or what can help - Ace of Cups reversed

    Ace of cups usually signifies the stirring of new love but it is reversed here - so it means unrequited love or problems in a relationship. You may have felt jerked around emotionally by someone. This card basically is saying that this past relationship - although hurtful - will help you in the long run. Try to learn from mistakes made. Might not be a bad idea to ask the ex (if you are able to) on why she left since this card may also be saying that she can directly help you understand if you truly can't stand back and find out by yourself.

    Who or what you should avoid - 9 of swords reversed

    I always get bad vibes with the 9 of swords but lucky for you it is reversed so it's not quite as negative. You either need to avoid people who have problems with depression or it is telling you stop languishing over this relationship. Your constant worrying over it is just making things worse or has made things worse- but good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You've gone through the worst of things; better days are ahead.

    Final Advice - 4 of swords

    Love this card. Anytime I get it, it wants me to just stop and get some rest. Stop worrying so much. Recharge your batteries. Take a break from the stress and things will get better. You need to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

    So there it is. Does this sound right? Definitely a love spread with all the cups. The swords indicate strife or trouble. It seems like the problems were head vs. heart - if there were more coins I would have suspected money troubles as the cause (not saying there weren't any) but this seems more like fundamental, personal clashes than just financial difficulties.

  • Sorry, I was doing your tarot reading and didn't see you other post. So far things seem to point to you just disconnecting as much as you can from this situation and meditating would be good. Unfortunately this seems like something that's going to take time to solve. Maybe the tarot reading will shed some light on things.

    From what you've just posted, I don't think there's too much you can do. You loved her but obviously she wasn't feeling the same for one reason or another. If she just stopped communicating, that usually indicates that it was a long, deep-seated problem and she couldn't hide it anymore and is still too afraid (or ashamed) to say it. She might be able to tell you in the future but for now you need to focus on yourself and move and as best you can.

    Best of luck to you

  • Thank you so much for the reading an insight about this issue. Your time and words are deeply appreciated.

  • I agree with Tenchi2go, Joe. You have unrealistic ideas about women and love (that come from your upbringing) that need to be brought down to earth or you will have the same problems in your next relationship. If you do the work on yourself now, you will save yourself a lot of trouble later.

  • And by the way, I use Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and my own psychic ability in my readings.

  • Thanks again for everything.

  • This post is deleted!

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