Can anyone please provide a reading for me?

  • Hello....I would like a reading if possible. Please let me know if anyone is willing to do this. Thanks!

  • I should mention that I am/was heartbroken. I am trying to move forward and let go of the past but have so many unanswered questions that I feel need to be understood before I can completely move forward. I guess I just need to put things into perspective. If anyone can assist me with a reading it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi JoeSavy, ya still out there?

  • Hey Goldenhill.....I am here now!

  • JoeSavy, can you give more details about your issues?

  • Hi JoeSavy, looks like captain'll take care if ya

    best to you...

  • Thanks Captain...Well.....I believe she loves me.....why she leave and call off engagement? Did her issues with emotional health have anything to do with this? Why no compromise? Why hasn't she called? How does she and her family feel about me? Does this help? Thanks, Joe

  • Can you give me something with which to tune into you and this woman - like your birthdates?

  • 5/26/69 and her 11/11/76

  • OK, Joe, this is not a good relationship for love. It is apt however to provide the pair of you with an opportunity to become more openminded. If you are up to the task, it could open you up to a whole new world, including the visionary or psychic. If you two can get beyond your individual differences (and there are many), you may enjoy an unusually colorful journey together. In matters of love, rivalries may arise over the affection of a common object or desire. Although both of you have an excellent sense of humour, together you may lack the ability to stay balanced. Competition between you can prove deadly serious. Marriage or a love affair then is not really recommended here, since the prevailing mood can be one of mistrust. Harmony will be served if you can leave each other secure in your own values, resisting any impulse to try to tear down each other's character. You likely share a common sensitivity, meaning both that you can be responsive to each other's needs and also, unfortunately, that you often get on each other's nerves. Should competition arise, the very insight into character that in other contexts has proved your strength can in this relationship become a weapon each of you uses to achieve selfish ends. Great respect and acceptance needs to be shown or else a mood of constant irritation will prevail. Any age or cultural difference here often makes this combination a difficult one for anything but working together.

    Joe, you need to examine whether perhaps your upbringing gave you an unbalanced or unhealhty idea of what love or family relationships are and decide if they have taken their toll on you in your present life. You may have learnt to keep your guard up against being hurt or abandoned or humiliated so much that you seldom drop it, even with your partner. Your fiancee has a fear of people walking out on her or dying (from past experiences) so she has developed a habit of leaving first before she gets kicked in the teeth (or what she feels will happen to her). She has a fear of being drained or ripped off by people that can make her back off, too. It was these attitudes of both of you combined that did the relationship in and will need to be dealt with for the sake of future successful relationships with other people.

  • Captain..thank you for the reading and insight ...are you able to answer another question?

  • I can try. 🙂

  • Do you see a healthy and lasting relationship/marriage coming for me? If so, when?

  • Well, when you resolve those blocks against relationship in you that I mentioned. Your guardedness is preventing you from attracting a close personal relationship. You must learn to be more honest and trusting and sharing before you will find true love. We tend to attract those with similar energy which is why your fears of abandonment or rejection attracted your ex-fiancee.

  • So my "guardedness" is preventing me from attracting true love? I am heartbroken person who gave everything in the relationship and got hurt. This is not the answer I was hoping for but....what do you suggest I do? Your answer appears vague to me.

  • No, I believe you gave what you thought was everything but tell the truth - don't you always hold something of yourself back? And I am not being vague - you just don't want to see that you were taught the wrong things about love when you were young.

  • Also, I was the honest and trusting person in the relationship as she was the one who lied or deceived me.

  • I don't understand what you mean about me being taught the wrong things about love.....what are you talking about?

  • There are always two viewpoints to a situation, Joe, and neither person is completely blameless here. You were two self-protective people who couldn't let themselves be completely open and trusting of each other.

  • You are not correct my friend.....I was not protected at all during this relationship. I was open and honest you have been misguided about this.

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