Looking to trade readings

  • I can't do my own and I love doing them for others. I'm pretty good and rarely wrong. Please contact me.


  • Hi Sobedience- I am up for the challenge.

    Please let me know what question you have.

    Here is mine:

    do you see any travel for me and when? (Dec, Jan, etc.)

  • Hi Sybildisobedience, yes I am up for a trade

    I would like to know general future- man? Career change?

    Thanks and please let me know how I can help you

    thx. Best to you

  • Oh no, you guys I'm so sorry! I had a windfall of challenges starting the night I posted this and completely forgot to come back and check! Are we allowed to post our personal email addresses? Mine is I'm going to check out your profiles and see if I get anything right now.

  • HPriestess-

    I apologize if I'm off or say too much. I'm exhausted.

    Looks like you have been having very detailed fantasies of tropical vacations or packing up and moving somewhere far away. And I don't blame you - looks like a very tough run of luck for you has reached a pinnacle. 😞 I'm sorry to say that my current reading does not have you traveling anytime soon. I don't want to say much more because, well, you didn't ask and it's personal. I hope I'm wrong and you are on a white sand beach somewhere right now.

  • hello sybildisobedience,

    l was wondering if you could help me please lm at a crossroad in my life right now .and give me a reading . my date of birth 13/06/1979

    thank you rac123

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  • Trading is always a good way to maintain some efficiency. This allows everyone to what they are good at which helps everyone out in the process. I think that this thread serves a strong purpose 🙂

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