Attracted to certain colors

  • I have recently become attracted to certain colors recently for my home. the colors are soft blues, silvers and whites.. What does each color represent in feng shui?

    These are even the colors I picked out for my Christmas Tree this year.. I just have a strong attraction to them lately. Plus I have begun cleaning my home of all my Ex's things and anything that reminds me of him has been getting discarded in the trash.

    Are these colors of renewal???

  • Hi LoveDetox,

    Well, blue is a colour of tranquility and peace. Also, depending on the shade of blue (ie violet blue), spirituality is also denoted here. Silver could be taken as a clear colour, which often denotes your crown chakra, linking you with the Divine. White is a colour of purity and new beginnings.

    So yes, you are being attracted to colours which will feed your spirit and offer you a fresh start. The fact that you're cleaning out things that belonged to your ex further supports this, so my advice to you is to look forward to 2011 being a year of complete renewal and freshness.

    I hope this helps!




  • Thank you Chris1962. That does all come into play, I have been praying a lot lately for freedom from oppression of the past and cleansing. Apparently it has started taking an effect on my body as well, I have been eating (craving) dries fruits and eating my daily yogurt. I think I have lost around 5 lbs of weight off my body already. I have had an insatiable want/need for dried cherries lately. It's all I seem to want to eat. Granted I have been eating "Cranraisin Cherry" since dried cherries cost so much but it seems to have done the job on helping my cravings. Idk... strange to me all this is but it is all in a positive light.

    Thank you again =^)

  • I have been attracted to shades of violet recently and deep blue purples, not sure why. Perhaps its just a phase I'm going through.

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