Did i interpret this tarot reading correctly???

  • Hi there,

    I did a reading for myself asking the question "will life improve in 2011" using the rider waite deck and the celtic cross spread.

    This is what i got

    Wheel of fortune



    3 cups

    knight of pentacles


    Ace sworkds


    queen of cups

    9 pentacles

    I'm fairly new so i was hoping someone could tell me if i am interpreting this right.

    I see big changes coming witht the wheel of fortune - my confusion is, do the lovers mean they are infuenced by a lover or by getting in harmony with my world?

    The devil paired with the lover in a reading - does this mean a relationship with intense transformations?

    (card 3 and 4) feeling strees, confusion and emotional insecurity. Lack of sleep are affecting life now. friends around are likely to help minimize this.

    Coming into a resless period after years of emotional security and contentment. fear of change is in the past. I;'m not sure how the Temperance relates.....is it balancing life and emotions??

    Advice is to take control of life and use logic to create results. Need to get rid of controlling and negative behaviours to find harmony in relationships (devil)

    Aim high and take risks in love, life and career, material success and harmony is the outcome.

    Am i even close ???? 🙂 I would appreciate any input...

    Happy Thanksgiving

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