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  • Does anyone understand what it means to be born on the "cusp" of your astrology sign. I am a leo but I have a lot of cancer traits.. Could I have been born on the cusp of cancer and leo? My birthdate is July 29, 1966.. I have always wondered about this.

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  • PrincessWitch

    Usually a cusp is from around the 19th-24th of July(although it's debateble)in a cancer/leo cusp case.I'm on the 22nd of July and definitely display traits from both cancer and leo in my sun sign position.

    It's very possible that you may have some traits which were left over from cancer,but it's more likely that if you take a look at your birth chart in full,to see particularly where your moon and ascendant sign lye,that will be a lot more informative and explain things better.

    You may have your moon in cancer or any other sign for that fact which may influence your connection to it and the traits that you have.

  • I agree with xMermaidlax. Look for other indications in your chart. Looking at your chart quickly I noticed that you have a stellium (3 planets or more) with Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer. Your chart signature is cardinal water = Cancer. The ascendant is important along with the house positions and the aspects, all of which influence the different planets. The Sun is your ego, your inner self, your base personality. Many astrologers disagree with the concept of cusps and believe that the minute the Sun enters that sign it determines the position of your Sun.

  • Thank you very much 🙂

  • In my horoscope it reads that my Mercury or Venus sign was on a cusp of Aquarius/Pisces. I was born 1-16-1956. Can you tell me which one?

  • On 1-16-1956, Venus was at 28 deg Aquarius, Mercury was at 12 deg Aquarius

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