We've been trying to move for a couple of years,

  • Hi I'm new, but I wonder can anyone give me some pointers we have been trying to move house & area for 2 years now and we just can't seem to get going, it's like we are blocked or something.

  • Dear WhiteCamelia,

    You time of waiting is almost over as I sense that you will move to a mountainous area. I feel it is a beautiful place. I am thinking AZ, of NV here. A state for sure where there are mountains. Spirit says to tell you to take the high road in your conquest to get there. I hope you know what that means. You will feel refreshed and new beginnings await you there. Does your husband work with the land or environmental issues as I feel him connecting to the land the earth. You will meet some new friends to help you after you are moved and the name of Herbert is coming in and Anna and Kay also. Nice people to help you settle in to your new dwelling place. i feel a condo structure for you and yours for awhile, than a ranch style home where you will start something for yourself business wise. Do you make jewerly? Pottery comes in here also. Just know that the fog is clearing and your pathway will be made clear in a short time period. Jake is coming in here also.

    Happy Thanksgiving


  • Hi

    Thank you very much for the reading, I think I should have said that I actually live in France, but there are two places we want to go 1 is North the other is South and we can't decide. My husband is involved in property development & restoration so does work with land & buildings. I do want to start my own business but need to wait until we have moved I do do pottery & painting ( I am a professional artist). I have done courses in Jewellry in the past.

    The names you mention my grandfather was Alfred Herbert and the place I lived before this one I had a neighbour called Kay who sadly I know has passed to spirit. We have both become quite down because we really need to move for all kinds of reasons, so your reading has gee'd me on a bit. Thank you

    White Camelia

  • Sorry, I forgot to say Happy Thanks giviing!!!

  • Dear WhiteCameila,

    My husband was born in France and he says there are more mountains in the South to Southwest in which I got the vision of mountains in the location in which you will be moving.

    Feels like more money in that area.

    I'm enjoying my Thanksgiving day and wish you and yours the very best.


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