Happy thanksgiving, wishes for you

  • I am so thankful for all of you. One wish per person. No replies.

    I will do this from now until Christmas day. Please let me know what happens.

    Happy Thanksgiving



  • Hi twinsoul, Happy thanksgiving to you and all your family!! Have a wonderful holiday!

    My wish, that I find enough strength to understand this love between J and I,

    enough strength to fight confusion, despair and pessimism, enough strength to believe in him...

    to see both of us successful and happy together....

    THAT'S MY WISH from my heart


  • Hi Twinsoul: My wish is that my two children will overcome their different "disabilities"(different abilities) and show massive improvement in the relative necessary skills they need by the end of this school year. Happy Thanksgiving Love TD.

  • twinsoul

    I had you a while back with such energy to me

    I just want to thank you for you as you give out so much.

    And now I see..

    You ask to let you know and I dont do now my full story as it will come.

    I just wanted to say Thank you!!1

  • My wish: I want to get out of Debt completely.

  • This post is deleted!

  • My wish is that your mother is feeling better. I haven;t heard from you regarding her health but that is MY wish, just for you.

  • Hi Twin Soul.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    My wish is for spiritual, physical, emotional and mental togetherness in my family.

    Too long now I have seen too many divisions among us. Most of it has been over

    small, petty stuff that 'does not amount to a hill of beans.'

    This is my wish. Hope God grants it.

    In Him,


  • Twinsoul what a beautiful Idea, my wish is that worries over money and lack will forever be erased from life. May you be equally blessed in your life as well. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Hi twinsoul, thank you so much for doing this, many blessings to you ten fold!....

    my wish is to find the cause of my "blocks" that have stopped me manifesting a move to a home I will be happy, comfortable and feel safe.....

    Happy Thanksgiving



    Bountiful blessings for doing this Twinsoul. May you and yours be in good health.

    My desire is to release the "BLOCKS" which are being held from what may be the past, which seemingly are not allowing this body to move forward in good health.

    May all who celebrate the U.S. Thankgivings holiday find peace, love, joy, gratitude, as they share with their loved ones and those less fortunate.


    loving silver wings

  • dear notshy

    your generosity touched my soul.

    I have just sent you love and light. I hope you you felt it !

    bless you who blesses others with her light


  • twinsoul.

    You gave me a beautiful reading awhile back.

    I felt a good energy from you.

    My husband had a stroke and I have found in your reading we have been give a great life to go on.

    You saw something and i realize in hardship a Blessing comes.

    We can look at life as a reading so good and everything goes good.

    But I see its the hard things that revel are Blessings.

    We hate to have things like this.but these things are life and we do and find US..

    Thank You as you gave an energy to me months ago to believe.

  • TS, I meant it from my heart, you give so much of your energy to others and ask nothing so I felt guided to give my wish to you. I DID send you an email as you requested, I hope you received it. Now I'm curious as to what your day job is but thats another thread, lol.

    Healing blessings to you and your mother.

  • Notshy

    Girl all I can say Is I am so happy to see you!!

    I have not answer you fully but you are in my Heart and as you see how many Love you and want you with us as its a circle of love and friendship.

    Thank you as you give us so much and we miss you!!

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