3 swrds...consideration.

  • An epiphany: many times I find the 3 swrds also just explaind when truth comes out of an issue but causes a heartche not break though; and also it has come up a few times with 4 wands and has shown the action of me seperating myself for a trip:) So the sense of leaving town for a day or so for my medical sales position has also been a cause, just wanted to share that. I thought it was interesting that is was not such a bad thing in comparison to the inintial thoughts about it.

    Any other person want to add?

  • Xena - I'm with you on this one. It's easy to take cards to their extreme (often supported by the definitions in books). I also view this most often as a separation of some sort. Sure, it occasionally turns out as utter heartbreak, but really so rare. I see it most often if I'm just missing someone, or have had a disagreement of some sort that leaves me a bit down, but not devastated. I also like a definition that describes this card as a "cleansing of the heart", to make it pure for something new. A change or fresh start, like wiping the slate clean of pain or troubles.

    Frankly, and in my humble opinion, some of the worst appearing cards in the deck can actually indicate positive changes on the horizon. One of my favorites is The Tower. I always get excited to see this card because to me it means a surprise or something unexpected is just around the corner. Ready or not, something will happen to shake things up. I guess if you don't like change or the unexpected, then perhaps it is a terrifying card, but I like change so to me it's a fun card. Death is transformation to me as well, not any sort of final ending. I'm always interested when I see this card because it causes me to be aware that energies are available for significant change to something different. Maybe it's good or maybe it's bad, but through the awareness it can at least be steered towards the positive.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the 3 of swords. It's always interesting to hear about other's experiences with the cards and how they interpret them.

  • Oh yes sweat heart you get it too:) Tower is awesome.....a release of false security!!! what a refreshing time:) Thank you much for being a strong person....in respects to your acceptances and logic.

  • All cards are positive because its our way foward.

  • I find that the cards also show the obvious though but they can still allow us to learn to trust intuity and follow more detail...Now I never use spreads or tarot in my life personally..I am now writting about them.....on another forum as a thread to learn them

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  • Watergirl - I had to read your post a couple of times to understand your point. Are you suggesting that Xena has multiple names on the forum? Not sure why one would need to do this, but this thread is harmless enough. Don't think it needs to be analyzed from a psychological standpoint. Some folk would say we're all nuts even being her, lol.

    Xena - I get what you're saying about the cards all being positive in terms of growth, although that doesn't stop me from cringing whenever I get the 9 of swords or the Devil, but that's probably just me...sometimes it's tiring learning lessons the hard way. 🙂 I wish I knew what other forum you were posting on, I would be interested in seeing the information you gather on the card meanings. Can you give me a search clue? Admin won't allow posting the names of other sites here.

  • Hi all! I agree/interested, in "the cards", your thoughts, etc., you mentioned; 'confused, about, "not living, using them, in (your) daily life"; I am percieving(false perception? if so, please, correct, me), you mean, you are practicing, "intution etc." upfront, and, or, to "see", how, that , parallels, cards; Yes? I've found, some other "sights", are more, about, "people, making a living, from Tarot (not a criticism,nor judgement etc.), than living, it" anyway, have, a nice, day! Cat in the Moon

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