New to all of this, care to check how I am doing? =)

  • Hi! I recently bought my first deck, along with Anthony Louis's book "Tarot: Plain and Simple). I have been doing some daily reflection readings to get me started, but I thought I'd take a stab at a proper one. I decided to do a 5 card spread. (Celtic Cross seems too overwhelming right now!)

    So the question, basically.... I recently moved cities, and I have met a guy who seems lovely. Genuinely a lovely human being (and it is rare that I am attracted to such things) and single from what I gather. We have quite a bit in common and I was getting along with him well, but the more I like him the shyer and more scared I get. This is not good. I'm trying to resist 'the fear' but it isn't working. He's quite shy himself, or at least, not very forward, so I'm really worried about what to do.

    So I thought I'd ask "What should I do about X and me?/Is there a future?" I have been told that you're not supposed to ask very closed questions in tarot readings, what are your experiences?

    I drew:

    The Past: The Empress (reversed)

    Present: 6 of Wands

    Hidden Influences: The Chariot (reversed)

    Advice: The Hermit (reversed)

    Future: 7 of Wands (reversed)

    I really didn't understand the outcome, so I drew another card for clarity.... I got Temperance.

    The Past... The Empress reversed. Heh, go figure. Lust without love, disregarding opportunities, failure to thrive, refusal to grow... yup, sounds like my romantic past. does a jig

    Present Situation.... The 6 of Wands. This one was trickier... it signifies success, victory.... eurh, this is nice to hear, but really? I wouldn't count what's happening so far with this guy as a success.... is this card referring to the immediate future? I could not figure it out. Any thoughts?

    Hidden Influences... The Chariot (reversed) again, really? Louis's book gives the interpretation of 'recklessness, too rapid a pace'. I wouldn't ever apply this to me. I think I'd get further in life if I WAS a little more rash actually. However, I do feel a sense of urgency about the whole thing. I don't know why. I think it may be to do with the fact that I have never EVER acted on romantic feelings, and I really feel like I should with this guy. But I'm scared. And I don't know how. Is this card referring to this do you think, or is it trying to warn me of acting rash?

    Advice: The Hermit (reversed) I am familiar with this card. I think it is one of my significators according to numerology. I understand that how my worrying, withdrawal from others and fear and romantic relationships has worked against me. However, I don't understand this in the reversed position... is it saying I SHOULD withdraw? That there is not much hope for this relationship?

    Final Outcome: The 7 of Wands (reversed) This is what depressed me the most.... fighting a losing battle. Louis writes that this is "an admonition to persist in pursuing your goals despite opposition." =[ Is this more advice or the probability that nothing will happen? Any thoughts on the card?

    I didn't really relate to the card all that much, so I drew another. Temperance. The only way I related a meaning toTemperance as 'stop bothering the cards and be patient, woman!' I find court cards tricky to read, anybody got any suggestions?

    Anyway, that's what I got. Thank you for reading through my rambly post. 😃 If anybody has any thoughts or suggests, I would greatly appreciate it. 😃


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  • Thank you very much watergirl, this was very helpful! 😃

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