Question for Watergirl18

  • Dear Watergirl18,

    In regards to your career. I sense that you will do work in healing and also readings in which you make money from, this will be in a shop across town from where you live. There is an A in the name of the shop and I feel a female and male energy in ownership of this shop.

    You will learn a lot from the owner and others working there. This will take you some time about a year. In the meantime you could work at something part-time to fill in the spaces with money needed. You will not have to do this for long, as you are gifted and will build a client base. Are you wanting to open your own shop? As I see wonderful hand made gifts and crafts and healers that will become lifetime friends. I get that you may work as a receptionist in a lawyer or doctor office for a while. Hostessing is also coming in here as a possible for you in a very nice upscale resturant. I hear the name Pat here and Virginia that will be of help to you.

    I will answer your other questions later.


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  • Dear watergirl,

    These are not minimun wage jobs that spirit showed me for you. The shop that has readers in it will make you a good wage along with a part-time job mentioned in the reading would make a $1200 per month mortgage payment.


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