Loving a Hispanic/Latino Man

  • I have noticed, above all other things, that the lationo population has increased immensly. I wonder if anyone is currently dating a lationo/Hisp male and what your experiences are with them.

    I have dated one once, and I enjoyed it so much so that I want to do it again. But I want to understand them and how they think.

    Can anyone share any useful information about their relationships with one?

  • Hi, With any relationship be yourself and pick who you feel is right for you. My best friend is Hispanic. I've known him for almost 20 years now. I think the reason why we get along is because we have similar personalities. I had a bad break-up with a Hispanic man approx. 5 years ago.

    The culture is a little different than ours (US.) So, take it slow and get to know whoever you date. One thing I have in common w/most is our religion. When I talk about my experiences, they know exactly what I'm talking about. I grew up in an Italian family. So, I feel I have a few things in common. I don't feel like a stranger, I feel at home.

  • Another issue, I think that could be a problem not having enough things in common. Thanks for the advice on taking it slow, they seem to be very sensitive and most times mean what they say. How do I get one, that I like, to fall in love with me.

    I dated one a year ago, some of my own insecurities got in the way and I said somethings out of anger and he has never looked my way since....I just want to get over him, its been almost a year ago and he has moved on.

    I date other men, do whatever...but I can't seem to get him out of my mind or heart....

    His birthday came around, I texted him and wished him a happy birthday and to my surprise he called me, we talked about 1min30sec....I was in shock. Since our breakup, hehas never answered any of my texts or phone calls and believe me they were not many..but this time he did.

    And I was at a complete loss of words, he said he was at the beach with his girlfriend...of course I did not want to hear that, why not anwser any of my texts as before. Not sure what he was thinking, but I think it set me back a little and I wished I had not done it.

  • Perhaps he answered you that day and said where he was to really try and make you aware that he has moved on....and that you should too. Delete his number from your phone and start to look around you....don't be blinkered though...your soulmate/ideal man could actually be the person you least expect .... so smile,be chatty,be interesting and most of all be yourself and it will reap results.

  • I understand that he has moved on, boy do I know it.

  • I have recently met a new latino male. He is very kind, thoughtful. He emails at least 2 times a day and we have very good conversation. He is currently going through a divorce. We are enjoying talking with eachother for starters. But the discussions tend to get very heated with passionate induendos, of course I like it. Not sure when we will be speaking by phone, hopefully soon, but I will take my time and continue to date others.

  • First off, Latinos, just like any other ethnicity are not all alike, especially since their are so many Latin countries that have their own customs and way of life, not to mention variations within regions of the countries themselves ( for example, people from the coast tend to be warmer and more outgoing and people from the mountains or the interior tend to be more reserved- these are generalizations of course). Also your experience with a Latino born in a Latin-American country and a Latino born here will most likely be very different as would dating a Mexican for example, compared to a Peruvian. Many families tend to be traditional (and machista in the sense that the men are spoiled) especially Mexico and Guatemala, while countries like Venezuela and Colombia are less so. Again, these are generalizations and to be understood as such. As a female though, even if the man is not machista (some latin men are, some are not) sometimes the man's family expect that the woman will be traditional and cook and clean and take care of the man. The reason the latin families are growing is based on this traditional dynamic. You should reflect why you would like to date a latino. It seems that your reason for wanting to date a Latino is based on a positive prior experience. Perhaps you should consider which characteristics this person embodied and see if you can find a man that possesses those same characteristics, regardless of his ethnicity. In order to understand a latino, is to understand anyone, you have to talk to the person and get to know them as an individual. Yes culture plays a huge role, however everyone is different. Hope this helps. P.S. I'm of latina and european descent and have dated men of varying ethnicities.

  • Sag104, I just wanted to say I love your response.

  • I totally agree with sag 104, bieng myself from latin roots, from puerto rico to be precise, thiers alot of factors involve, a puerto rican born in the states, is quite different than one born and rise in puerto rico, and another factor quite important is that education does make a huge difference, and their family, values, just like any other human bieng from any part of the world, besides of looking for whats on the outside, we as woman have to get to find what is inside that male heart, the beautiful thing about love, it has no bounderies,

  • Thanks for your enlightening comments SAG104, I really appreciate them. Im attractive to the latino males, but I believe that you are right about culture and taking that into deep consideration. I went dancing at the latino club the other night, I had so much fun. I like that they love to take care of their families and are dedicated to that. Secondl, I like the how handsome they are too. I like to hear them talk as well. I guess im just infatuated with them more than anything

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