Virgo man and Scorpio woman

  • I need some expert advice please. I met this handsome guy, he's a complete gentlemen. So far he hasn't been too grabby or touchy and we've gone out about 3 times. I'm not sure if he's just nervous or if he's just not affectionate. I hope Virgo's are not cold. Can anyone please do me a reading or a compatibility chart.

    him: 9-15-79 Cyprus

    Me: 10-23-87. Moldova

  • I dated a Virgo for about 6 months. I'm a Scorpio too. They are extremely romantic. The first night we met, he just couldn't stop kissing me but in a romantic way not a sexual horndog type way. He waited for s e x for a while and was happy to do so. They are very rennaisance type men. Mine loved poetry and we would write poetry for me some times. As far as compatibilty...well, he was extremely laid back and you know how us Scorps are! LOL!!! He was way too reserved and quiet for me, you know???

  • Lots of Virgos are cold indeed. They often go for impossible kind of relationships because of the fear of intimacy. They'd rather admire you from the "safe" distance. On the positive side they are usually fun people with great sense of humour, somewhat dry. No warmth in there.

  • what a bummer, I thought this guy had some good qualities. 😞

    thank you for the input

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