When is enough information enough

  • Hi all,

    I joined this forum back in June after searching online for a place to get answers to questions I had. These questions mainly surrounded my love life and in particular a gentleman that I have taken a liking too. However after posing questions about my situation and getting replies from the wonderful readers on this site...I still feel like searching for more and more answers and details even though everything Ive been told is satisfactory but not quite what I want either. I hate that I want to know more when all the information I received should be enough. Ive read many post sby readers explaining their readings and the outcomes but Im frustrated that I cant just take the information I received and just live with it and not want to look for me and be the person who wants to just hear what they want to hear!!!

    Anyways I just wanted to express my feelings even if I am not making much sense!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


  • It is good to feel safe it is safe to feel good.

    You are loved!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you blmoon that's exactly what I needed. 🙂

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