Libras, I seek your help.

  • There things I'd like to ask and discuss, if you're willing. Till now, I see not sense of logic. Quenkath, if you are still on the forum. Could I still ask you a few questions also?

  • Well the zodiac does say that libras are like the justice scale and all about logic and reason as the air sign quality..I have been in a two year realtionship and still going with one but.....nothing holds true because we all seek balance and harmony dont we......he is actually a military leader my friend Andrew is a rap artist and he works at a night not typical zodiac libra....I am a sag and in the military, book writter, a counselor and now pursign law school at age 24 so not a typical sag.

    Well I will not delineate becaue your question proposes limitations....................

  • Hell IA, How have you benn? I hope ou are okay. Ask away, sweetie!

  • Been, typo!

  • Quenkath, I'm in trouble. I made her really really mad. She said she hasn't been so mad in a very long time. She's so mad she can't speak. Now when I try to talk to her she ignores me. I also think when I tried to explain myself, I mad matters worse. HELP ME. ; ;

  • Why is she mad? Does she really have a justifiable reason to be so angry?

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