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  • Captain

    Could you do a reading for me 2-19-1986 and my husband 4-1-1976? could you tell me about our relationship and finances/

    Thanks for your time


  • The relationship's chemistry allows your husband to break through your often very heavy armour, Nena, which will enable you in this context then to express your deepest need to acknowledge and affirm the sensitivity you had when you were young. For your part, while you can accept your husband's dynamic energies, you will also be able to encourage the emergence of buried sensitivities in him, often through a combination of aggressive, determined, but nonetheless sympathetic approaches. His childlike energy thus melds with your capacity for intimacy and you two can have a rewarding relationship based on honesty and trust. Marriage here is often happy, but difficulties can emerge over the years if your criticisms of each other become sustained. Your husband can be tremendously assertive in demanding your attention, while you are apt to feel a bit inadequate or unfulfilled in this marriage matchup. You Nena may have an obsession with being cheated on or lied to, to the point where you don't believe anything or anybody and could become faithless yourself because of it. You also fear being sexually controlled or psychologically dominated which could cause problems if your husband comes on too strong. The relationship breaks through many barriers, especially internal or psychological ones, often through a verbal battering of many thrusts and parries. Needless to say, there lurks an unfortunate tendency here to use criticism as a weapon - verbal exchanges can become very sharp here. If a degree of empathy and sensitivity can be maintained, however, a lot of trust can result from the relationship's emphasis on openness. You two must treat each other like friends as well as spouses. It's well and good to be honest but you must remember to be gentle and kind too. Respect intimacies and keep a hold on your aggression. Know when to back off and beware of fixed assumptions.

    Regarding your finances, this should be a good year for your husband's career. He can generate funds there, but he must watch that he doesn't value money over service, and practises the utmost honesty with money. Sometimes he may think that all his energy has to be put into making money but that's not true - his best creative work will probably be done for love. He also has to watch for some very mixed feelings regarding money - if he has any negative beliefs about 'money corrupting the soul' or 'money being the root of all evil' or whatever, he will struggle to make any himself. He may feel he has been screwed financially in the past, that somebody else has made a profit out of his efforts. No matter how much he makes, if he feels poor, he will never enjoy a moment's peace or prosperity. The secret to his financial and life success is not looking back to the way things were when he felt like a mistreated slave. He has to find a happy medium between his need to be creative and produce top quality work, and the need to make money without becoming compulsive, greedy or dishonest. He must find a way to connect to and relate with his financial backers or bosses and not feel overly controlled or inhibited by them. Then he'll be able to work without feeling resentful or undermined and can produce both real money and fine work.

    You Nena have an excellent head for business and can negotiate financial deals if you would only stop playing the 'dumb blonde', stay rooted to the ground, and find the courage to speak up and make sure you get what's due to you. Beneath your sometimes conventional appearance lies an ocean of intuitive spiritual wisdom. You can understand anything and teach it. Your financial problems don't arise from having too little but from wanting more than you have in order to meet your ideals of a good life. Allow your innate but hidden wisdom to guide you, despite your fears and doubts, to making a good living.

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