From Tooter on changes from mind to Heart

  • Kiesha Crowther Little Grandmother, one of the 12 young Shaman wisdom keepers

    I have been searching own different things and answers about ascension and the ups and downs we are going threw and i really relate to this lady maybe it will help in giving more understanding with the changes within us and i also got a message from Spirit about our bodies i was having very strong aches and pains all over my body in all my joints and Spirit was telling me we are changing into the Christal form and we will be feeling it in our joints i did for 3 days but i got threw it and they also said that pomegranate juice would help the pain also to start thinking about your reality and what it is you desire your hearts desire and i was also reminded to say this is not about money or material gain its about learning to love and live in love and peace with our fellow man and Mother Earth and as i have said before wo to those who choose to live in the mind and not in the Heart as equals and Love being our guiding force and the care of Mother Earth.

    One of the videos is very upsetting for me i have felt these things but every where we were being told different and own this video confirmed what i have been feeling and now is the time for seeking guidance from your higher self for direction and guidance the time has come to start living from the heart what once was will be no more what is normal will become abnormal ,man will not rule man the heart and Mother Earth will rule threw Love, Equal, Mother will take care of us and show us what and how ,learn every thing you can own how to garden, construct shelter be kind to one another don't let petty differences destroy friendships and respect, let love be the guiding ruler,help one another to love from the Heart. Love Freely Given I Give To You Love Tooter

  • To those who know and beleave times are changing quick i have a new message along with what others are saying you need to get a crystal a small one a clear one and wear around your neck and don't take it off, ask Father and Mother Earth to bless it and give you the knowledge but do not take it off at all i do not say this lightly this is very important for all be leavers and light workers and for those who beleave in the changes coming Love Freely Given I give to You Tooter

  • Thankyou tooter 🙂 For sharing.

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • Huh?

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