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  • It has been more than a year since I auditioned for both "Gifted" and "America's Psychic Challenge." We taped the FOX pilot April of 2007. Marta Kauffman was the producer that did the show "Friends". The show was not bought by the executive heads at Fox.

    We filmed "A.P.C." in August of 2007. I think I did a great job of picking up accurate information from the previous psychic, but she was wrong about the crime scene, so I did win the money. I did a great job giving specific details to 3 different skeptics on the stairs. And, I matched up the instruments with the right musicians, but second guessed myself or I would have gotten a perfect score.

  • Hi RobinZodiac,

    CAre to look into my present and future and give me a reading? My birthday is march 29, 1972 5:15 am. looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

  • I've posted on the forum, "Will give free readings", but didn't receive a response.

    I desperately need some psychic help.

    My DOB: July 5, 1956, 11:49AM, Temple, Tx

    My son, Joshua:

    DOB: March 4, 1986, 12:04AM, Temple, Tx

    He is now deceased, as of February 16, 2006.

    Can anyone please tell me what actually happened? Was it suicide or murder?

    Since my life stopped when he died, what do you see in my future?

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