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  • I did a three card spread. Wondering if my Leo crush and I will have a meaningful friendship/relationship. The following cards appeared. ( I don't understand the reversal meanings of cards.)

    5 - wands

    10 - pentacles - reversed

    Lovers - reversed

    Can anyone she more light on this interpretation? Maybe explain what makes the reverse change the meaning of the cards and how?

    Thx, Dawn

  • A reversed card is reversed thus a lower energy.....lovers card is really you have choice and free will in your relationship...5's in the tarot, if you just look at the pictures on the cards; you can see...choice and conflict.......5's are challenge times......10 coins exalts material security, ones own grounding and longevity of security.......lovers is really a choice what balances and is in harmony?

    You are in charge of knowing no tthe you understand what you are really and beleive in self and if so what do you want in a relationship determines the answer, never settle, do not lie to self or compromise.....your happpiness and confidence inself effects the results you get in a relationship,.....choice is the lovers and in the last card it also shows the balance harmony question, what is it you trully desire in a realtionship and why and how does it balance in harmony to as you should your own inner peace and happiness?

    I dated two leos and have many friends, they are not all as the leo zodiac says, Jeff for instance was very quiet and diplomatic........he is also a addictions counselor...not what a zodiac would really just accept the truth of self and all your relationships so you can be trusting in self to attract it and attract what serves your divine self.....if you do a tarot spread it is not going to work well after the fact and when ones does not see the cards or capture the instinct response of flipping and drawing the cards...your inten tion going into it is key..are you seeing what you want?, The tarot really jusr validates I will pull up questions that certain to each your way foward

    5 wands ask you to get the answers but they are in here are the questions;

    Do I always need to be right in a conversation?

    Am I listening to other points of view, or am I always looking for a way to get my own point across?

    What is the common denominator?

    Where can I find common ground in this conflict?

    What if all the good stuff came from contrast?

    10 coins:Does my vision match my goal of the common good?

    What is the ideal community?

    Am I an effective leader in that ideal?

    How can I bring about positive change that attracts harmony and stability?

    Can I allow myself to enjoy and reap the benefits of my hard work?

    Does this card represent a beginning or a resting place for me?

    Does this card accurately reflect my home life and family?

    What steps can I take now that will make positive effects in my sphere of influence tomorrow?


    How do I feel about trusting others?

    How do I feel about my relationships?

    Am I being honest about my relationships?

    Do I need to pay closer attention to my health?

    What relationships in my life do I need to re-examine?

    Am I always on my guard or can I allow myself to be vulnerable?

    What will it take for me to have a passionate, loving, trusting relationship?

    Here is an example spread:

    Hopw this helps you

    Divine light


    Well: here is one card I will start with: 6 pentacles, In the picture, the picture exalts the Demeanor of the card, thus the type of energy, thus the idea of the card.

    A man holds a scale. The man is DISCERNING who what where he is to apply his energy-( love, money, time will alter concerning the demeanor of the question and surrounding cards.

    He weighs the CHOICE on the scale on what is worth and what or who will receive and exalt the best results. What Choice will he be happy with? He is discerning application of energy, again this card often presents a question or situation that involves CHOICE.

    For all cards..get the understanding of the picture..what does it mean to you? If you are to put one word to the card what would it be? Then choose 4-5 words that explain the meaning.

    Now when you flip the card the first word out of those 4-5 is the instinct working...that is how you then can relate that word to the Title you claim the card, ( the one word that sums it up in your opinion)

    Your deck works with you as it also speaks to YOU. That is why these little details of what word comes up first in mind is get an even more effective and exact reading......

    I am going to give you an example I gave Turtle Dust: When you pull a card and the first response in your brain is refinement when you get the 8 pentacles, then you know thats significant...because its also meaning work, practice, crafmanship. The one word I picked is Effort because that one word sums all.

    Like I do for self discovery: Talk it out, sound out the cards, tell the story out loud.

    Tarot is really a tool, as I console myself out loud...if I come to a block or an intuitive epiphany..I may pull a card to give my mind some my personal tarot are just pulled cards needed to give me a push and ask myself questions pertaining to the demeanor of the card and the first word that strikes me out of the 4-5 I pick with concern to my title of the cards, like Effort for the 8 coins.

    So lets sound it out:

    5 cups can be regret or loss, dissapointment so the one I choose is unhappiness

    8 coins well as we know Effort

    6 pentacles: the man with a scale weighing who or what he gives his energy to, what deserves, what is worth, what gives the most satisfaction? your time, choice....cause and results

    So here we go

    unhappiness concerning my efforts about a choice on where to apply my self

    now we can add those 4-5 words

    I am dissapointed and therfore unhappy with my efforts that are being applied to my current situation concerning the time I put in and the results I am getting.

  • Thanx So much!

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