Ace of swords as relationship outcome

  • hi all,

    my bf and i had a huge fight and broke up a few weeks ago. i still can't really let go and it was over a really small thing that we broke up 😞 so i did a 3-card spread for some insight on the relationship and here's what i got

    past: hanged man

    current: judgement

    future: ace of swords

    not sure if the final card is supposed to be optimistic or? would like to hear what you guys have to say 🙂 thanks a lot!

  • Any ace is a fresh new or a look at the lgioc and reason of the swords element and the honesty to focus and no nonsense or illusion truth of the matter new mental awareness and discernment on the way foward anf your choices...

  • hang man is stillness non action a time out to gain elightenment thus that would give you hte gift of the ace swords new fresh outlook right,,,Also judgement an awakening a sudden revelation......that would come after the time out to think card...Hang man thus you have a new revelation direct will and mental control.....

  • thanks turboxs 🙂 you really enlightened me on the 'hanged man' card, i was trying to figure it out! guess it was referring to the timeout period..

    now i'm just hoping the the 'ace of swords' would be a renewal of the rs 😞 i've been leaving him alone for close to 2 weeks now.

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