Leo man...coming back?

  • So, I've been "dating" around, I've actually posted on here with questions...currently I have an aqua and a cappy trying to win me over but with me it seems I like a man for about a week, and then completely lose interest from one day to the next.

    The deal with this Leo was no different, except well; he managed to make me regret it.

    We "courted" for what seemed like a week, he claimed not to have wanted anything serious until he met me, blah. Terribly cute, but at that point in time I wasn't feeling him anymore and told him so, I was very nice about it, telling him he could talk to me...he wasn't so nice in the end and told me very nicely to "f*ck" myself. I understood, really.

    I found myself regretting it the week after, but decided to not let it get to me...except this feeling has been building and building. Its been about two months since, and we recently (this past weekend) went on a vacation with some mutual friends, he kissed me and I mentioned he shouldn't b/c I didn't want any misunderstandings...he got annoyed and said he didn't want anything anyway, which with my growing feelings, it really upset me. I later told him how I felt, and he apologized.

    The day we got back he texted me what felt like a letter that night, I called him and we discussed it, I put in that I had liked him and understood why he did the things he did, and said, etc. He then texted me and told me he'd text in the morning, I said that would be nice, he did, and we chatted the whole day. Nothing today...my question is, is there a possibility for this?

    To say I’m confused as to how I ended up like this is not even enough, but I know I like the way he is, his energy, and his ability to move people. Even his way of expressing his feelings, because gosh knows I can’t express anything.

  • "Even his way of expressing his feelings, because gosh knows I can’t express anything. " That about sums it up - he has what you really want in yourself. He is a projection of your own inner needs and desire for the courage to express yourself (masculine qualities that you think you lack) and when you learn how to be like him, you won't need him anymore. It is his 'essence' that appeals to you, more than the actual person.

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