The captian could you Do a reading?

  • He recently had some post about my situation could you read it and give me ur insight?

  • Gemmi, your friend is attracted to your unpredictability, and insecurity only makes your love affair burn brighter. Unless the relationship can stimulate more practical energies, however, its passion may sweep it away. Your friend can never be sure of your extracurricular activities, nor can you predict his moods. Your exciting and excitable personality can trigger your friend's psychological instability, sending him over the edge. Dedication and grounding will be needed on both sides to prevent early burnout or eventual catastrophe. Marriage or anything long term here will have difficulty over the question of responsibility. You two are clever enough to see what is needed materially and you are often technically gifted enough to set out to get it. But you Gemmi may tire of the repetitive tasks and responsibility of everyday life together and your longing to be free will make your more home-loving partner extremely anxious. Insecurities like this will be the biggest stumbling block you two face. This relationship needs stability. Although you two have somewhat similar energies, tyrannical tendencies emerge here, as well as mutability and a sense of unsettledness. This makes each partner nervous, even when you are apart, and when you are together the discomfort and insecurity multiply unbearably. In an attempt to create order, one will try to dominate - you passively by digging in your heels and your friend aggressively by making demands. He will generally be more irritated by you than vice versa, for you represent what he fears in himself: his own qualities of distractedness or flakiness. He will probably be the tyrant here, as his own insecurities boomerang.

    Unless you both can ground yourselves in more calm and less fear, work through your personal insecurities, and balance your emotional instability, this relationship will destroy itself.

  • Yes, i think the destroying part happened last night. I was very emotionally unstable and my insecurity got the best of me.

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