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  • Hi,

    I had a reading a few years back. While it was interesting, I need some clarification. First of all, what career path should I follow? I have a couple in mind. How should I go about getting to that path? What about finances? Right now, I am struggling and I was wondering how long this will continue. There was a lot of relationship stuff in the reading, but this isn't my top concern right now. But, I would like to know a bit more about my "soulmate" or future significant other (if there is one?). A name and description would help. Thank you very much.

    DOB: 12/31/83 (wasn't sure if you needed it or not)

  • Well you decide on your soul mate. I cannot tell you what you want , nor tell you what you want to hear...its your choice, you have been living and evolving so you choose what career field is right by self discovery and its SELF-discovery. Your birthdate does not choose your will or career. I apparently am a sag and am in fantacay and fleeting etc...but in law school and in the army and a reiki zodiac could predict that. I trust myself and delineate my actions and introspect and ask my self questions and pay attention to self, no self abandonment. No bad advice from others either. I find the answers within by by own actions and beliefs.

    what are your actions without duties and orders? what risks have you been willing to take and why and for what cause? those questions helped me to get to the root of my contrivances....

    Also my turmoil-abandon and alone at 15, releasing old emotions and healing, thus now a REIKI HEALER and councelor.

    hope that helps...I am also writting a book on self realization and ascension

    Divine light

  • First off, what is your passion in life - do you have an interest that could be turned into a career?

    Doing what you love is the only type of career path to follow that will give you any sort of fulfillment or satisfaction.

    From your birthday profile, I see you have a mentally agile and innovative mind (despite a possible tendency to think you are stupid or slower than others) with a unique way of thinking or unusual original ideas that can bring you much success if you trust in them. But you must present these ideas in ways that other people can understand, using the vernacular of the day if necessary. Creating social networks and harmonious work teams is a gift of yours so you would make a good manager. You have the potential to find practical outlets for your ideas but there is a tendency to repress your own uniqueness for many years in order to conform to more conventional attitudes in an attempt to gain acceptance and career success. If you can learn not to be so hard on yourself and others - to simply lighten up more - you can make significant progress in every area of your life. Finding the balance between emotional detachment and mere repression will be very important to your development as will the process of discovering a simple faith in your own abilities. If you can come to terms with the idea that winning does not always involve a battle, achievement will be yours. Selling, writing, teaching, and communicating in all forms can bring you happiness and material success. You have gifts in the area of philosophy and religion as well as an innate awareness of ethics and morality. In addition, when you let your inborn leadership and authority shine through, you can inspire others. You also have high energy, healing hands, and sensitive intuition. Anything in the field of healing or in a business that helps people will satisfy you. Counselling, massage or physiotherapy, and motivational work or the business of personal growth are also good career directions for you. Developing your powers of communication, perception and analysis will make you the successful communicator you are destined to be.

    It would be nice to have a specific name and description for your soulmate, wouldn't it? But think of all the valuable relationships you would miss out on by searching only for this person. Besides, prediction depends on you not changing at all. I could give you a name and then you might do something that would alter this prediction because you would change from the person for whom that named soulmate was compatible. Better instead to work on the issues you have in regards to having healthy relationships and attracting a love partner. You must look into why you put so much energy into your public image for a start - why does it matter so much how others see you? It only matters how you feel about yourself. You may spend too much time and energy trying to convince others of your worth instead of standing confident in yourself. People will sense any dishonesty or role-playing on your part and may become suspicious of your motives. Any insecurity or falseness in you will only attract other insecure false people. Your whole future romantic, financial, and working success depends on you being honest, authentic, and unafraid to show your real self, as original and amazing as it is, to the world.

  • Thanks Captain! You definitely hit the nail on the head with the last part-I do need to work on being more authentic. I often wonder why some people don't like me- and I think this is why. I'm so concerned with what others think that I come off as phony. Obviously (as you can probably tell) there are significant issues in that area. I think it comes from the way I was raised. I came from a family where achievement and image were very important. In the end, I think the most important thing is to remain true to yourself and not worry so much about what others think. I really think this is what has been holding me back, in relationships and in my career. Also, you mention that sometimes I think I'm slower or stupid than others. I hate to admit that, but it's true!

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