Hans Wolfgang please insight

  • hi , i am in relationship with scorpio man for nearly a year , last time i saw him was in august this summer..he stopt contacting me since 8 of sep , i am really hurt..i hate his silent treatment, we never had fights , he told me that he loved me..i am confused right now..i dont know what to do..i want to remove him from my facebook and msn but i cant...last week he had his birthday.,,he used to tel me that i am his second love..he was divorced 3 years ago from his wife who was his first love..please can someone help me, i am very typical aquarian, i can be aloof and detached ..but i am really confused...

    my birthday is february 1 1975

    his birthday november 11 1968'.

    i have noticed that his phone is turned off , i only get voicemail...when his family and friends sent him birthday wishes on facebook, he never replyed..to thank them.

    I know he is alive because i saw him yesterday online, but i did appear offline.

    I am really confused, can someone please tel me if there is something in his chart witch keep him away;


  • I just want to know if he broke up with,,,or should i wait for him..

  • can someone please remove my topic, ?????????????

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