What goes on with scorpio man? Confusing much

  • I am Cancer female totally infatuated with a scorpio man 14 years younger than I am. He is magnetic. He is always asking me to help him with things. I am often alone with him driving him places and we talk freely and its awesome and then I'll meet him amongst our group of friends and he can barely muster two words and will head home. It's such a weird 'friendship'. What do you think? Is he interested?

  • Hi Malena73,

    i have been with my scorp for 16 years now i know exactly how you feel they are very secretive and like to play mindgames i will never fully understand them my hubby wont speak two words to me yet he will have a full on conversation with one of our friends .I have learnt not to buy into this mindgame buisness with him and its been hard as i am a taurus and im very sensitive and get hurt easy you need to tell him how you feel tell him that this bothers you how he doesnt talk when you are out with friends you will definitley know if he is interested he will start talking to you when you are amongst your friends i have to promt my hubby with things sometimes i tell him straight what is bothering me and he always makes an effort to make me happy .

    Good luck and remember stay true to yourself

    Namaste Mags

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