Can't sleep, I have a surge of strong energy that leads me here

  • It's 5am and I can't sleep, being productive at the same time I happen to read other blogs and can't help but relate, recently I've been reading Tao Te Ching for the first time, then I stumble upon some theories of reality, that in my childhood I see resembles some high moment in my life, I'm making sure I don't get carry away with the theory bc in life we are alll connected but can't help but notice how it hit the center for more then different points in my life. Another point this theory hit the note was when I was thinking about writing about a fiction story of an abstact idea of mine.

  • self discovery is in your applications in life...start that story...I am writting a book on self discovery and ascension....................

  • That is definitely what it feels life I realize it before and it scared me but now it's energizing me I feel so empower (thank you wildplaces!).

    What the theory is about the soul in modern times. Growing up to my present I stay in touch with my soul in many ways, even in losing myself.

    I feel most people of modern times are afraid to lose themselves to truely freeing themselves to self realization, we have so many distraction in our society but right now life is demanding for people to pay attention to themselves.

    Soul is general but to me it means to really feel.

    I've notice when I lived through react, through my thoughts, through my feelings, through numbness, to not really living but going through accord and demands of others. To invest on your own path of the soul requires nothing because where ever you go there is answer.

    Sometimes I feel my thoughts are too harsh or vague for people to understand so stories is the only way I can help others understand by how the story makes them feel. I remember the first time I came up with this story telling was when a close friend of mine was distress of where she was going in life, what was the point of living if there is death.

    The only way I could comfort her was a what if life is really about... she understood but knew it was something not really convey in society so we fiddle about with a story line.

    I still till this day am thankful for her being as complex as she was I knew I was only gentle to her at that moment bc I love her so much.

    With that same love I have for the world and hope that everything I do will soften the fears of others.

  • oh my gosh please look at the relatinships section and see my post called speaking from the heart..look for it you and I here are clearly getting the real idea about self realization:) I have part of that actually in my book and copy write too:)

  • I just found it going to read it and I was just reading about copyright papers before I came online hahahaa

  • Wow 🙂 I wish you were in New york bc I know we will have a lot to talk about. I love meeting like minded individuals but like you, I came from a rough childhood with only my siblings as support, nature, and trusting in myself to find the good in all.

    We also learned from our experience to really experience, and grow from it to ensuring a lesson is learned.

    I believe we are of the same clan of thought 😉

    This is the guy that touch my points in life in symbolics ways but this is his most recent link you see how much growth he has from when he started younger to now. This Iink I feel is the sum of his journey. It started very interesting in his younger years (he has his funny moments as well interesting character) with a strong force to a calm trusting state in this link.

    enjoy I'm going to take a nap before I start off my day enjoy 🙂 (copy and paste)

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