Love advice, please.

  • hi, and thanks in advance for your help.

    i have a friend, more than a friend, named charles We have known each other for seven years. We dont see each other often as we are both extremely busy people. When we spend time together, we cant seem cram enough things into that short span of time. So many things we mean to talk about... never get to them. I write lists of things I want to talk with him about, lol.

    He has disappointed me many times, made dates he needed to cancel, but for some reason, I always forgive and forget. ( very unlike me to do so , however with him....) We have never been physical. My choice. I feel a very deep attachment to him. I am unsure of his feelings for me. What does the future hold for us. me 12/6/56 him 2/2/66 both born New York city me midnight him 11:48 pm

    thank you and happy holidays


  • Hi

    Dunno if this here helps but mayb somehow it might.

    Men identify themselves by the job they do. If job goes swell then all other areas, homelife, love, dating, living is swell as well. Is job dicey on edge busy, then all else aint as important. Is the work hell n goes to hell then all other areas suffers as such as well.

    NOW in these times with the financial crises still ongoing it asks of those that has a job to put in those extra million miles. Those with jobs they do this bc hello too many are already unemployed, fired, booted lost jobs.

    Also we near the end of a year which means a load of loose ends to be tied up, a load of new ventures to b checked out and preliminary background foundation tests made.

    I dont know how he feels but here is an idea, that is if u dare, ASK HIM! what have u to loose?

    best of luck

  • dear charmed witch

    this man is already very successful. Family business 4th generation. What i really want to know is will we end up together.

    Thank you for helping me define what i really wanted to ask.

    you were so kind to give me your time

    loves jazz

  • Doesnt change a mans perspective regard how he identify himself. 4th generation or not.

  • I suggest u ease into it. Ask him how he sees u 2 as a couple an item. Suggest like where do u see us in mmmm 5 years or if u will a few months time.

    the thing is as much as readers would love to, i for one including me, have never been able to say yes u will wind up with this person. Its as fluent as time which is hard to predict also.

    it has to do with free will n all. We could say yes u will BUT what happens if u dont? who will u b mad at for stringing u along, not him im certain but us readers.

    So i doubt any can give u the answer u seek as it has to come from him with ur help.

    I may be able to see more had i a photo of u two but i cant garantie anything. so as i started with on thos post here, ease into it, test the waters, ask him next time u have a date or meet. bc i feel deep inside only he has the reply u seek, n always ask urself, if i not ask, what am i loosing? i think u loose nothing if u do ask, but a lot if u dont ask. By this i mean the many hours days weeks of pondering the hoping n so on. U get my drift,

    So lady sweetie, get talking to him. u can also say what u wish n dream off n hope he catches on, but as a guy once told me, men r slow n well to get them ur att u need to wack em on the head, figuratively talking of course. Jolt em out of their small world.

    wish u best of luck n lemmi know how it went.


  • : )

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