Is it ever too late to undo past mistakes ?

  • Sorry Captain, I was in the right church but the wrong pew. I still don't totally understand how to start a new thread. But here I am. What I'm trying to find out is years ago at least 3 times a fellow tried to save me from stupid mistakes. He and I were born in the same hospital the same day M

  • Somehow I lost it here. Well anyway we were born March 27 1935 in Hyannis Ma. Do you think I will ever have a chance to find out if we could have made it after all. Jan

  • You cannot undo what has already been can heal understand it accept it..first forgive self and then be clean of it.....

  • Why worry or dwell on what could have been? Past living and wondering blocks you open to the divine opportunities.....embrace your inner dvine light and be true to self:)

  • This post is deleted!

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