Curious about numbers

  • I'm very coincidental w/numbers,for instance I goto the store,my total of my purchaces just so happens to be,$13.13.I look at my clock,just happens to be,for example,5:55,then next time I look its,11:11 or 3:33, 2:22 ect.Or at gas station,guess what? I just so happened to put $5.00 on pump #5! I'ts drivin me crazy! Is it all just coincidental or am I really, Psychic?

  • Well, everything happens for a reason. Usually people have a set of lucky numbers. Or maybe God's sending you a sign. Something similar to this happened to me once. It was actually quite strange, and it all had to do with love. Follow your instincts, and maybe you'll find the answer to your numbers. Every answer is written in numbers!

  • Keith, I am seeing more or less the same series of numbers. 11:11 , 22, 222, 11:33, 111.

    Sometimes , I see the numbers ,and then ,I am presented with a person with either a license plate with those numbers or an address . I see it as a future prediction or something telling me where I am at in my life. 111 for me means new begining and the number 33 for me means that I am on track . Everyone is different.

  • Oh wow. That is kool. 4 and 2 and the numbers that mostly appear in my day. Any meaning to that?

  • That's what i'm trying to figure out, if theres any meaning to these coincidentl numbers?


  • Keith

    I was born 15th May I see 5s all the time when I look at the clock its often 505 0r 1505 or 1555 etc.

    I have noticed that a lot of my favourite tracks on Cds are track 5 or track 15 see if that works for you??

    Sometimes i go to look at the clock and I know there will be a 5 in the number. Often I wake at night and I know (within about 10 mins difference) what the time is before I check

    spooky eh??

    Let me know about the cds thing. I fell in love with my new house and it is 65A the year of my brothers birth and his Christian name begins with A

    I only noticed by accident that a lot of my favourite Cd tracks were the same track numbers must mean something I guess...

  • Nefratiti,

    No the, Cd thing didn't work for me? But the clock thing still happens ,all the time? It's not just with one # as with you,(#5).,It' with all #'s with me? For example, like right now I look at my clock it's, 10:44am,not 41 or 42, it's 44? I purchase something at the store, my total or change back for example,= $13.13 or $8.88 ect.Well maybe we both should start playing the lottery,(huh)?P.S.-Also, my daughter and I are born on the same day and month, JULY 21st? Coincedence?

  • I think the best thing to do, is start taking note of the numbers that show up prominately on each given day. Take note of the number, where it appeared. where you were, what you were doing, how you felt, what's going on in your day, who was around if anyone.... then at the end of the day make notes about what kind of day you had. Was it a healing day, a hard day, a day of conflicts, a day of harmony, a day of tired.... Do this as often as possible.

    In this way you keep a record, and can more easily see for yourself if there is some kind of pattern, or reason certain numbers appear to you, and why.

  • This post is deleted!

  • yes we should try that the CD track thing didnt work for Keith but I would be interested to know if it works for anyone else.... fav DC tracks etc...

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