Please help me with this spread?

  • I am just learning tarot, and I did a Celtic Cross Spread using Rider Waite cards . I asked why guys are always dumping me?

    This is what I got:

    1. The Tower

    2. 8 of Cups

    3. 2 of Cups

    4. King of Wands

    5. 5 Swords

    6. 4 Cups

    7. Ace of pentacles

    8. Queen of Swords

    9. 6 of Cups

    10. Page of Cups

    Any interpretations pls?

  • Please note that the interpretations all depend on the position of the card. If reversed, the cards are usually negative

    The tower (you): chaos, in crisis. (reversed: you cause your own problems)

    8 of cups (covers you) : Disappointment, dissatisfaction (reversed: same meaning)

    2 of cups (your destiny): Start of a new love affair, forgiveness. (reversed: jealousy, end of love affair, arguments)

    King of wands (your current): Charismatic, innovative, handsome, leadership (reversed:controlling, overbearing, quick to anger, ignorant)

    5 of swords (your past):Conflict and hostility, shame and dishonor, look out for yourself. (reversed: loss of nerve, indecision, weakness, stereotypical thinking)

    4 of cups (Near future): Emptiness, loneliness, choosing a lover knowing it wont work. (reversed: same)

    Ace of Pentacles (Your situation): Good time for self improvement, success, trust in yourself (go with your gut). (reversed: Avoid a new venture at this time, you are not being practical)

    Queen of swords (your influence): honesty, balance, intelligence, wise, common sense. (reversed: perfectionist, conceals emotions, not trust worthy, gossips)

    Six of cups (your hopes and fears): concentrate on happy memories, emotional relief and healing from grief or loss. (reversed: Dwelling on the past, pain continues)

    Page of cups (Your outcome): Direct and brutally honest, moody and emotional, sympathetic, outgoing, charismatic, passionate. (reversed: Cool unemotional nature, sensuous person who stresses the physical side of life, worldly and jaded, attractive and well dress, deceptive, not as he appears, do not trust this man with your heart - he will break it)

    Reference: Rider-Waite

    Since I do not know the positions in which your cards lay I am unable to interpret them properly for you. However from the sounds of them, I would say that the problem is with you. Not the men. You need to make some inner healing and spend time alone with yourself. Get to know yourself and discover whats going on.

    I'm not saying your a bad person because I do not know you well enough to make that decision. However, based on the cards... you should spend time being honest with yourself and find out why things are the way they are. Do not date for a while.

    Just advice... Hope it helped you in your reading.

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