Aquarious Girl In need of a reading

  • 1/27/1985 I am single and would like to know if a new fling will be walking in to my life soon ?

  • AquaGodes,

    1/27/1985: you are most creative. Just how it manifests in your life will depend a lot on what are your values and your occupation. In all cases, it is wise to safeguard your personal property. Just be more careful than usual because there is a strong potential for someone to either rip you off or in some other way do something dishonest. Being such a creative force, this can your success in many areas. Finally, it can represent an initiation into a higher lifestyle. For example, you might read a book that inspires you to start a regular plan of exercise. Because that book caused a positive change in your basic lifestyle, this would be considered to be a spiritual initiation. Of course, there are more profound spiritual initiations than a new exercise program, but keep in mind that this initiation will have a definite effect on what you do day in and day out.

    I am single and would like to know if a new fling will be walking in to my life soon ? Yes.

    This sound 'aum' has something in it.

    If you repeat it constantly deep inside, by and by it

    gives you a certain vibe and that vibe helps the ego to

    disappear and helps the whole to appear in your being.

    So you try that sound.

    When you are sitting silently, just get into it.

    Sometimes loudly chant it -- 'aum... aum...' -- and

    when you have become attuned to it there is no need to

    chant loudly. Then with closed mouth, just chant it

    inside, 'aum... aum...'. When you have become more

    attuned, then even inside chanting is not needed.

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