I need advice, please

  • Hello everyone,

    I don't know where to start... I don't know what to do.

    I'm about to make a decision which i'm not sure of. I just would like to know

    if my angels agree with my decision. This month will be the turning point because im tired

    of being in a country that doesn't want me here. Yes i wasn't born in the U.S.A but i have dreams that i would love to accomplish but that society keeps on closing the doors for me. Maybe i don't

    have the right to be here in the first place but... The Dream Act will be put into question again at the end of this month. I want to believe it will be approved but if it doesn't then i feel like im just wasting my time here. To me, this is home and i don't wanna leave... but what can i do??? i just wanna be someone and yes im afraid. im planning on moving to another country and try my luck somewhere else. im sorry if im being like this. Advice will be greatly appreciated.

    In case you need a little more info here it is:

    My DOB: January 1st, 1991 at 12:00 pm

    Place: Acayucan, Veracruz, Mexico

    (City, State, country)

    Thank you so much friends

  • Why do you think you are not someone? As long as you have this victim mentality, you are already beaten and will get nowhere.

  • Thank you.

    Yes you're right but how can I change that?

    I know I am ME. Sometimes I am balance n sometimes I'm not.

    I'm barely starting to meditate n it has helped me balance

    myself a LOT. I'm sorry I'm just confused. I just need to relax a little

    n face my fears...

  • Being famous won't necessarily give you the satisfaction or recognition you are seeking. Other people can't give you all the approval you crave - that solution lies within yourself. You need to be happy with yourself. What is it you don't like or approve of about yourself? Any weakness can be made strong.

  • Also if you want to achieve your dreams, you must take realistic and practical small steps to achieve them, not try to jump to the top overnight. No one has ever done that, no matter how meteoric some careers appear to be. Everyone must work hard for their success. Dreams can be motivational, but it is action that gets us somewhere.

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