Captain Sir, Please

  • Hi There. I had asked a question...and I understand if you hesitate to answer it specifically ...let me generalize the focus a little. I would like to know if there something in my body that shouldnt be there.

  • I get an answer 'yes'. There are many things that shouldn't be there, for good health.

  • Thank you very much for your response. I will now be more direct...because there are things I need to do before pursuing any medical intervention.

    I have had a mammogram and the radiologist wants to look at something more closely. I know there are countless biopsies done uneccessarily every year, and I don't want to join the statistics.

    Would a total cleansing on a regular basis, say, weekly, be enough to get rid the toxins in my body if I back it up with copious amounts of Vitamin C?.

    I am only asking your opinion...not your medical advice, and in no way are you responsible for what I choose to do.

    Thank you again for thoughtfulness in this matter. Thank you for the time as well.

  • No I feel this is more a psychological health problem than a physical one. I don't feel you nourish yourself enough emotionally, though you are very nurturing to others. What is it that you don't like about yourself that stops you giving to yourself?

  • Hmmmm....I'm not sure how I fail in giving to give myself wayyyy too much in certain indulgences...which in retrospect...isnt actually giving myself what I need.

    I give love...and receive it measure

    what do I really need? What do I lack? I have so many blessings

    There is a time for getting what I need...say... a plane ticket to see my mother. I have to wait for the right time...which is all financial....but I will have it. She is so much a part of me...I miss her very much.

    The joy I find in nurturing others. It is what makes me happy. To help someone succeed at what they thought they could not do, and to watch their own pride and my reward.

    If it happens that it becomes detrimental to my soul...then i must stop out of self preservation. One of the hard lessons i learned...took many years.

  • Why do I see you say "I have so many blessings" yet I can hear you weeping inside as you say it? What is it that you want but can't have?

  • If this is about children, I can see the connection.

  • Perhaps you see the pain and regrets I've had over past decisions regarding children. Children are so beautiful.

    You are in tune with me with me Captain, thank you.

    Yes, I've made mistakes, but I don't dwell on them. Yes I have the imprint of energy resulting from decisions Ive made, but I think I have learned to forgive myself.

    I will always wish the best for my children, always wish I would have taken better care of them, given them a better environment, made better decisions, but I know that I cant change the past. All I can do is love and support them as well as I can today.

    It is one of the learning curves I wish I could have learned early in life.

    I almost lost one of my sons in an auto accident in 2007 and I can honestly say that I cannot even think about it without residual emotion.

    Thank you for asking.

  • There is a direct connection between a woman's breasts and the nurturing and raising of children. If you feel you have not done enough in this regard, it can manifest as dis-ease in that area. It will show you if you have completely resolved the issue or not.

  • You are kidding - I can't even say breasts here with getting censored? What a prehistoric system.

  • Very interesting correlation.

    I am to go back monday am for another image. I feel intuitively that it makes a difference what time of the month a woman goes to have one done...but they assured me it made no difference.

    lol on the prehistoric....a safegaurd because some abuse it.

    But not the Captain 🙂

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