" Hello Dangala "

  • Hello Dangala

    it's me again.ha could you please do a reading on my career please as am financially a bit crippled at the moment an am starting to worry. Can you give me a reading an if so a time scale of when or if things will change??? Oh an if you see anything in the relationship department coming soon because that's still zero, an showing no signs of getting any better anytime soon:-D. If you have time feel free to give me some hope please an cheer me up hopefully.;-) jenxxx

  • Hi Jen, there needs to be more movement ,networking and communication on your part to achieve what you want. There seems to be some issues in the past. You need to know that you can't make someone happy unless they want to be happy., you can't help someone unless they want to help themselves. Concentrate on you, nurture yourself. Things will get better in the coming months. mid next year there will be major changes and you will be on top again. The wheel is turning for the better.

    Relationships... I see some movement here however, there needs to be a lesson learnt here by you. Try not to start anything with someone because 1) You are bored and lonely 2) You feel need someone in your life to complete you. .. You can complete yourself and you will by the end of next year. You will find wisdom and a sense of self confidence that you never had before.

    Hold on to positiveness and faith in the universe now. Trust the unknown, trust that you are loved and cared , even if you don't feel it. Things will start to get better, and by the end of next year you will look back and see how far you have come.

  • Thanks dangala,

    when you done my last Reading I mentioned a guy I had been in touch with but we never stayed in contact as he had girlfriend, he has now contacted me saying he not with her no more an wants me to give us a chance. Do you think this relationship will work.? I did feel a connection with him when I first met him that I have never felt before for anyone, an I am hoping it works out.

  • I will ask you to look deep within and I mean a real deep and honest look at this union and ask yourself if this relationship has a chance. I feel you actually know the answer better than I could ever know.

  • Well I know I would be taking a risk just by getting to know him, he's not my usual type of man but I feel a connection with him but I am scared to be honest, but I think that's incase I get hurt an my own issues!!! There is one or two things that would have to change regarding his lifestyle if we were to stay together or I know it wouldn't work.. It just depends if he would be willing to change these things.. Do you see if he would change these things?? As your advice would help now before I do maybe get into something to deep an can't get out.ha.

  • " Do you see if he would change these things?? "

    No I don't see him changing. I see him juggling..

  • Thanks again

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